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The culture of service not only accomplishes the goals of the classroom by fashioning citizens who are broadly knowledgeable but also creates a sense of efficacy in which students believe that their actions are important. When students believe their actions make a difference they are ingrained with a sense of responsibility to do good in the world. Several of the contributors to this paper spoke strongly regarding the importance of studying a foreign language through an experience engaging with a native speaker of that language; this engagement proved to these individuals as it would to students participating in the program that mastery of a foreign language is vital to meaningful connections with other members of the local or global community.

Lending time and leadership talents to development-oriented community service efforts illustrates to students that they can make a tangible change in a single community. This in turn helps to develop leaders who not only have reduced bias towards culturally different groups but who also can help bring out the best in teams of people who have diverse methods of thinking, communicating and engaging with others. As a group of seven individuals representing a broad spectrum of diversity, we delved into the discussion of cross-cultural competence and concurred that education serves to give individual human beings a common ground, a shared basis of knowledge.

This shared foundation helps create the means to relate to other people, each of whom bring to the table a wealth of experiences. Through the cultural immersion program we propose, high school students will gain the perspective needed to realize that education goes beyond classroom learning and becomes a useful tool to engage in meaningful connection with other people. Keep me logged in Create an Account.

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Senior Advisor : Dr. Daniel Polisar Founder of Shalem College.


Vision Why Vision Matters. Several recommended books listed below are full of diversity case studies and can be obtained for free or at nominal cost. Additional Resources. The JEMF project staff reviewed videotapes and DVDs to promote cultural learning and prepared summaries of these resources, which can be found in the Teaching Tools section.

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Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Handbooks. Pederson, P. Pope-Davis, D. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Several chapters of this book provide ideas for cultural immersion and other cultural learning for the training setting that may be of particular interest to educators.

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Seelye, H. Experiential Activities for Intercultural Learning. Enhancing cultural and linguistic competence is an ongoing process. That is the challenge! The rubric may also be useful for brainstorming ways to help students see their own progress over time. The reflections attached to this document demonstrate that the value-added of cultural immersion activities is often multi-faceted and very personal. Anderson, R. Religious Traditions and Prenatal Genetic Counseling. Arrenondo, P.

Cultural Immersion - Essay Example

Operationalization of the Multicultural Counseling Competencies. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development: Vol 24 1 , Cashwell C. Clair, A. Preparing Culturally Competent Practitioners. Journal of Nursing Education: Vol 38 5 , Haack, Sally. Like, R. Family Medicine: Vol 28, Lum, Rodger G. Silver, N. The Jounral of Volun-teer Administration: Vol 20 1.

Weil, J. Multicultural education and genetic counseling. Clinical Genetics: Vol 59, Back to Top. Disclaimer The purpose of the Genetic Counseling Cultural Competence Toolkit GCCCT is to improve the delivery of culturally responsive, client-centered genetic counseling to diverse populations and to reduce health disparities.

The GCCCT is an educational resource; any suggestions do not define the standards of clinical or educational practice. All cases and scenarios are hypothetical. Ask yourself general questions such as: How knowledgeable am I about the worldviews of different cultural and ethnic groups? How aware am I of my biases and prejudices towards other cultural groups, as well as racism in healthcare? Do I seek out face-to-face and other types of encounters with individuals who are different than me?

How do I react when a person I encounter does not speak English? What are my beliefs about using folk remedies? What are the benefits of cultural competency training? Self-Awareness: People learn about their own strengths, weaknesses, prejudices and preconceptions. Builds Confidence: Cultural competency training promotes self-confidence in individuals and teams through empowerment.

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Breaks Down Barriers: Our cultural training demystifies 'the other' and creates awareness. Builds Trust: Awareness leads to dialogue which leads to understanding which results in trust. Motivates: Through self-analysis people begin to recognize areas in which they need to improve and become motivated to develop. Opens Horizons: Cultural competency training helps people think outside the box.

Develops Skills: Participants develop better 'people skills' - they begin to deal with people with sensitivity and empathy. Develops Listening Skills: By becoming good listeners, people become good communicators. Using Common Ground: Rather than focus on differences participants move towards creating a shared space.

Career Development: Cross-cultural competence training enhances people's skills and therefore future employment opportunities. Keywords : anthropology, culture, ethnography. Begin with a short paragraph about your culture and simply introduce your topic. For example: The United States houses many diverse cultures. Within each major city, there are many sub-cultural enclaves who reside within its borders.

The Power of Cultural Immersion

A celebration of diversity and difference, venturing into Los Angeles, one may find an important. Description of Event Here, you will describe exactly what you did for the actual immersion part of the project.