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She also recommends the work of Alan Bryman , a pioneer in combining qualitative and quantitative research. Keep your research notebook with you: it will allow you to keep track of ideas, useful references, and helpful conversations. Fortune favours the prepared so always keep your notebook close to hand! Word limits are a perennial issue in mixed methods research. Two methods plus integration means there is a lot of information to convey.

No word can be superfluous and it may take several drafts to cut out the clutter.

The value of mixed methods, particularly in applied health research, is increasingly being recognised. Based on her own experience, Margaret suggests contacting journal editors for advice on how to tailor your manuscript for their particular audience to increase your chances of it being accepted. First: Make sure you use 3 Google to its fullest. Is your research about internet retail? Look for online market research tools.

Research Methodology in Master's Dissertations

Is your paper on a rigorous academic field? Try 4 Google Scholar. But you can get even more specific with academic subjects.

For example, is your academic research on a biological topic? Try 5 PubMed Central. By the way, your school or local library may have access to similar commercial web services like 6 Web of Knowledge or 7 LexisNexis. These are powerful academic search engines for all sciences including social sciences and legal fields, respectively.

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But worth it. In addition to commercial software like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop, schools also offer the powerful citation management software Endnote. Endnote can manage tens of thousands of academic articles. It also lets you insert citations into Microsoft Word documents with a few clicks.

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Best of all, Endnote lets you instantly reformat your bibliography, no matter your specific research paper sources format. This is especially easy because Endnote is integrated with word. Endnote saves lots of time. The above tips make it easy to find useful sources for a research paper. But beware! There are also many bad sources. Here are a few tips to help you avoid bad online research instruments, no matter how broad your research tools definition is.

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First, is a research paper website offering promises that are simply too big? Then, it is probably a scam.

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