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I am 10 yr free card holder and by next year I plan on bringing my parents here in the USA. My husband will be the primary sponsor for everything. My one big question is do they look for police clearance or will the immigration finds out that a person has a pending case child abuse it was 18 years ago. Will it be a ground to denial of entry?

Thank you. Hi, The documents which we will be sending to our parents, how recent it should be? Like employer letter and Bank Letter. Can it be within 60 days? Ideally less than 30 days. But again, there is no official rules as such, all they want is current. Hello kumar, My elder brother is on H1 visa and studying in the USA since 2 years and is graduating this December so he wants to submit embassy letter request form to his university so can you please tell me before how many months from the convocation can he submit the letter request form to his university?

You can apply for visa stamping up to 3 months before your travel date. Once your Brother has the convocation letter ready, you are good to go. The process is same as described above. But the main thing is that you will need to sponsor your trip as he is a student. He will need to send our all his current visa, I and convocation details, then you apply or Visitor visa using the same. Process is same as above…. Hello, My sister is sponsoring B2 visitors visa for my mother.

I too live in the US. Thanks, Kavitha. Thank you, Kumar for the detailed information. This is very helpful. Could you please answer the below questions? Yes, assuming you have passport. No, you need the number generated from DS to book appointment. Completing DS does not mean anything, you can use that to book appointment. You can also fill out another DS, if anything changes. While filling the DS form for my Parents-in-law, I came across the below questions, could you please clarify assuming their travel purpose is for Tourism.

Is the address of the party paying for your trip the same as your Home or Mailing Address? Do we need to book the flight tickets now if we are planning for our in-laws trip to the US in the first week of November as I do not see any slots up until October for Visa interview? No need to book tickets, in fact they recommend not to book tickets, but just have the travel plan ready.

Read Q. You have look at it from the perspective of your in-laws right? So, if you are paying for the trip, it is not same because your address is different from their address. So, choose accordingly depending on who is paying for the trip. Thank you, Kumar, for the quick revert. I am applying B2 visa for my mother, due to some reasons i cannot apply for my father.

Will it be a good idea to get a letter from my father explaining why he is not applying? If so is there any template for that. Hi am on green card now and I would like to invite my mum who is 48 years to come and help with the kids. You can follow the above listed process, there is no separate process for Green Card holders inviting visitors, it is the same. Hello, My father and mother are travelling to US in July to see me and my husband. My father is taking the responsibility of booking the tickets for both of them.

As this is a self sponsored trip, apart from my parents documents, what other documents do we need to send from US apart from Invitation letter?

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Maybe you can send your home address proof, both of your visa status proofs, just to say that you are in status and they will stay with you all. That makes sense. I also read somewhere that my birth certificate and passport are also required. My wife has been here for past 3 years. Am planning to get my parents here for a vacation. I am sending all the checklist documents with DS, fee receipts etc to my parents. Hello I would like to bring my mother to US and she is over 68 years old.

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Earlier she visited US with a B2 visitor visa that was valid from to What are the steps she need to follow for re-applying or extending her visa. She could be eligible for dropbox, check the requirements when filling DS, you would get an option for the same. You could…it is up to the Visa officer though as it does not say anywhere that you need to have money for 6 months or so…All they validate is that, if there are funds for travel and expenses. Sir my husband is going to fill DS for my parents. We both are US citizens.

I would like to know what additional documents we would need apart from the additional documents. I is not applicable for you both as you are US Citizens. You just send copies of your US passports to them, that should be sufficient. I am trying to get my mother when my baby come, do you think it is a good idea to have a doctors letter attached to it?

It is not required and the decision of Visitor Visa is not based on your situation with the baby…. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Depending on the country plan for the passport based on how much time it takes.

Also, there are new schemes of Tatkaal, if it is emergency and you can get you passport as soon as 7 days, but you have to pay extra fee. Check out the passport application website for details. We have an article on applying for Passport Renewal in India , it should give some idea. It is advised to start saving 3 months before and accumulate steadily rather than just borrowing money and putting in bank.

There is no hard fast rule. Just an advice. Hi Kumar, I want to invite my parents mother and father to US. I am in US for three years now. Thanks — your post and comment section is very useful. Question 2 — For invitation letter and cover letter — How should I proceed. DS forms if you have filled it and signed the same This was mentioned in the checklist. Hi Kumar, Please help me with the below queries. Thanks, Kumar. Would it be possible to answer other questions 1, 3, 4? I want apply for mine parents visitor visa but how i start process.

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It should not matter. It does not hurt to send it though. Hi Kumar, While filling the DS form for my Parents-in-law, I came across the below questions, could you please clarify assuming their travel purpose is for Tourism. Thanks, Srikanth.

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It is 3 as they are there for Tourism only. Sure, cheers! Hello kumar, I am applying B2 visa for my mother, due to some reasons i cannot apply for my father. If so is there any template for that Thanks. No need, it is your choice. US consulate cannot force that you apply for both. It does not hurt to send. But, they may or may not need them. Then follow the instructions given to you at the consulate, checking regularly on the website to see updates.

The USA are terrified of people visiting and never wanting to leave; so you should present compelling evidence that you are so tied to SA that you will definitely return home - e. To prove employment you can obtain a letter from your employer on a company letterhead, stating that you are empoyed there, what you earn, your position, and the dates of leave. If you're self-employed then get a similar letter from your accountant.

Also present evidence that there are sufficient finances at your disposal that you'll be able to get through the holiday. Also take along your passport, previous passports, payment receipt, printed D form, a paper copy of your appointment confirmation and any other documents mentioned on their website or emails. Having said that, you may arrive for the interview with a box full of evidence, and not be asked to produce some of it. If you've been arrested before then provide all information related to the case, and your police clearance certificate.

On getting to the consulate, you'll need to clear a security checkpoint, and will be asked to leave all your electronic equipment in a tiny locker - e. Leave your firearms with you. Bottled drinks can be problematic. It's also at this point that they'll have a first look at whether you brought along all your required documents - e.

You'll be asked questions including why you're visiting the USA, and perhaps to produce the required documentation. A few days later you'll be told whether or not your application was approved, and that you can go and pick up your passport or have it delivered.

Whilst it is a mission getting the visa, what's great is that they often make it valid for 10 years, unlike for instance a Schengen visa which is only valid for the period of your visit. And you can also stay for longer - up to 6 months and can apply for an extension. Their email address is americanscapetown state. We suggest parking at Steenberg Village shopping centre and walking to the consulate. The Durban consulate is situated at Dr. You can get hold of them at consulardurban state.

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You can contact them at c onsularjohannesburg state. It involves a computer randomly choosing 50, people a year from applicants with certain countries which don't have high emigration levels into the USA, and giving them permanent residence in the United States. Act c of the Immigration and Nationality Act sets out the process. You need to have worked for 2 years or have passed high school. South Africa is eligible for the DV lottery. A M-1 visa; if you want to attend a vocational or technical course, or some other non-academic institution but excluding language courses.

A F-1 visa; if you want to attend a college, university, elementary school, high school, conservatory, seminary, other academic institution or language training course. You'll need to apply for and be accepted into your course before you can apply for a student visa; which is proven by obtaining a document coded I from the university or other educational institution which is admitting you.

Click here to see the list of authorised academic institutions for M-1 and F-1 students. Some 1 in 20 students in the USA are foreigners. According to the Open Doors study the most popular university for foreign students was New York University, followed by:. Note that undergraduate courses in the USA are usually 4 years, one more year than the typical degree in South Africa.

Students at the university with F-1 visas were given 60 days within which they had to be accepted at another licensed institution. Be careful to avoid the " visa mills ", institutions which are more focused on earning tuition fees than in offering a quality education. After the first year of studies, they may do certain types of practical training related to their course.

And there's a nice tax benefit for US companies employing OPT students, in that they don't have to pay Medicare and Social Security on their wages on the other hand, if the company had to employ American graduates, they would not enjoy the tax break. Companies in the US are allowed to hire foreign workers under an H1-B visa, if they cannot find an American to do the job; and the visa holder is then only allowed to work for that company. The visa is typically issued for 3 to 6 years. Rules are getting stricter, with the Department of Homeland Security planning by February to reduce the eligible occupations "to increase focus on truly obtaining the best and brightest foreign nationals".

The Guide to Visa Types and Work Permit Requirements

There are 85 H1-B visas which could be issued in , but many more applications are usually filed than the spots available. Priority will be given to those earning more and those who are more skilled. Reports are that applications for H1-B visas for those who won the lottery are being delayed as well as for those who are requesting an extension to their existing H1-B visa; and an increasing number of "requests for evidence" are being sent.

Under a request for evidence companies need to show documents proving that the applicant has special skills, and that the salary being paid to the visa-holder is fair. The denial rate for H1-B petitions has similarly increased. The administrative burden of the requests for evidence is likely to deter some companies from hiring foreigners.

According to the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of , an extension of 1 year or 3 years may be offered to H1-B visa holders. The denials and requests for information appear to revolve around a if a Level 1 wage is being paid, does the job really meet the criteria for a 'specialty position', and b Is a bachelors degree really required to do the job. The children and spouse of an H1-B visa holder may enter the US under an H-4 visa as long as the H1-B visa holder still holds the visa.

Up until 25 May holders of H-4 visas were not allowed to work in the USA, but then it was changed under Obama so that if the holder of the H-4 visa was in the queue to get a green card, they could obtain an H-4 EAD Employment Authorisation Document and work being in the queue meant that they either had to have their permanent residence petition approved or the H1-B visa's status had been extended beyond 6 years pending approval of the petition.

Form I must be submitted to request an EAD. Of course, there's nothing stopping holders of H-4 visas from pursuing other methods of getting work visas, such as getting their own H1-B visa, if they qualify; or if they have an extraordinary ability in a field they could even apply for an O-1A or an O-1B Visa.

Once children holding H-4 visas turn 21, they must return to their home country if they have not obtained permanent residency or a different visa allowing them to stay in the USA e. For those using the H1-B Visa to stay in the USA whilst wanting a green card, note that over the last decade it's averaged about 6 years from getting an H1-B visa to getting a green card. Unfortunately there are some criminals who offer visas for purchase, where the purchasers typically are "working" for shell businesses. Avoid them. The H-2B Visa allows workers to come to the US on a temporary basis, working in the non-agricultural sectors, typically on low wages.

L1 visas allow employees of companies with offices both internationally as well as in the US, to work in the US divisions. The visa could be for anything from 3 months to 5 years. Spouses of those with L1 visas may also work in the US with a L2 visa. Under the L-1A and L-1B visas, the visa applicant must have worked for the company for at least 12 months over the last 3 years. This typically allows one to work in the USA for up to a year, with 4 multiple entries into the country being allowed. If you can demonstrate "extraordinary ability" in your field you may be able to get an O-1 Visa, which is a nonimmigrant visa.

The O-1A visa may be applied for if your ability is in athletics, business, education or the sciences. The O-1B Visa may be applied for if your ability lies in the arts, television or motion picture fields. If your children or spouse are accompanying you, they would apply for an O-3 Visa. If you have an assistant accompanying you, that person would apply for an O-2 visa. The O visa allows you to stay initially up to 3 years, thereafter USCIS will decide how much to extend the stay in maximum increments of a year. Foreigners who want to emigrate to the USA and start a business there run into problems, as the H1-B visa wasn't intended for this scenario.

This is a program to allow Foreign entrepeneurs to remain in the USA if they have built a business which has the potential inter alia to produce sufficient jobs and grow quickly, which was meant to begin in July but was postponed to March by the new administration Trump in charge , with it being suspected that the program will be abandoned completely.

Under this visa you can enter the USA and work if you make a significant investment in the country. Unfortunately South Africa is not a Treaty Country , it does not have a treaty of friendship and navigtion with the US, South Africans cannot apply for this visa. A green card provides you with permanent residence in the USA; including being allowed to work.

There are number of avenues through which one may appy for a green card:. On an annual basis US companies can collectively hire unskilled foreigners; which allows US companies which can't find US workers to hire unskilled immigrants. To qualify, the project must plan to create ten direct or indirect full time jobs for USA citizens, or at least to retain the jobs, In December it was voted to extend the EB-5 Visa program until the 19th January After USCIS have received and accepted the I petition, an I Notice of Action should be received by yourself and your lawyer which provides you with a tracking number, through which you can track where in the process your I petition is.

The applicant rejection rate is relatively high as a result of projects which don't qualify and problems with the documentation. If the application is approved then a temporary green card called a "conditional permanent residence status" is issued for 24 months. The I petition must be submitted before the conditional temporary green card expires after 2 years. Various project opportunities come with significantly different risk profiles, so it's advisable to research this thoroughly.

There are various entities which specialise in identifying projects for EB-5 applications:. LD Capital Bridge to USA commercial property development - their main business is lending, and they work together with property developers. It's worthwhile reading the EB5 Investors quarterly magazines , which provide a wealth of contemporary information for investors and other industry professionals. Green card holders may bring their spouses and unmarried children younger than 21 with them to the US. Complete the I form in order to petition for a visa; if this is approved you will then be requested to submit the required documentation including sponsorship commitments.

The time spent with the conditional green card counts towards the 5 year permanent residency required to apply for US Citizenship. Once you have legally been in the USA for 5 years continuously as a permanent resident with a green card, or more, you can apply for naturalisation as a USA citizen if:. Been physically present in the USA for at least 30 months minimum may be less if you're married to a US citizen. Note that being able to apply doesn't necessarily mean your application will be accepted - other factors like your criminal record, will also be taken into acount.

Click here to create a profile and file your N application online. Once it's submitted you will receive a receipt an tracking number, which you can use to keep track of where in the process your application is. You may be required to get biometricss photo, fingerprints, etc At this stage USCIS will will either deny your application, grant your application, or request that you continue your application but provide correct information or rewrite citizenship test or something else.

If, when you turned 18, one or both of your parents was a US Citizen, then you may claim US citizenship via form N Tips for when you travel to the US: Not everybody supports Trump - in fact, the majority don't. Don't tease those with a southern accent. They don't use the metric system.

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