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Machado was elected overwhelmingly and assumed office on May 20, Pledged to a program of reform, he made good only a few of his promises during his first term. With the beginning of his second term, in , a rule of terror began. Martial law was proclaimed, and Congress allowed him to suspend freedom of speech , press, and assembly.

Cuban Revolution

Political opposition, allayed by an adroit distribution of patronage in , revived against Machado as the economic depression of the early s hit Cuba. As the opposition increased, Machado adopted increasingly harsher methods against it. Cuban exiles fled to the U. An amnesty was declared, and constitutional and political reforms were promised. With the economic crisis deepening and with Machado apparently determined to stay in office in spite of promises to resign, the army forced him to flee the country in August He set aside the constitution and tried to bring about modest reforms, but critics feared that he was too closely allied to the U.

A military junta , headed by Batista, then conferred the presidency on Col. Carlos Mendieta, who seemed to have the approval of most factions. The U. Under the auspices of U.

Prelude to the revolution

Franklin D. That document, which had been issued to preserve peace, had had the opposite effect, as discontented factions had frequently risen against Cuban governments in order to bring about U. It also had been used by such leaders as Zayas to get the people to support them as champions of Cuban liberty against U. Disorder and strikes continued, but Mendieta and his chief of staff, Batista, used dictatorial measures and postponed elections until December Batista, a candidate for the June election, anticipating his defeat, overthrew the government in March without bloodshed.

He closed Congress and called for elections in He was elected president without opposition for a four-year term beginning February 24, He reinstated the constitution, which contained many liberal pro-labour reforms, and tried to return the country to normalcy, but strong opposition developed against him.

Among the primary concerns of large landowners was the Sugar Act of , U. With Cuban sugar exports facing an uncertain future, support for Batista within both the government and the influential agriculture industry virtually collapsed.

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Militant anti-Batista elements denied the validity of the election and organized a campaign of harassment and sabotage in the provinces. Chief among these groups was the 26th of July Movement under the leadership of the charismatic revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

Comparing Animal Farm to the CUBAN Revolution

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Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Hugo Chavez, the then president of Venezuela, also contributed to the Cuban Revolution, while famous Che Guevara commanded the troops Farber, As for the exact date at which the revolution started, there are various ideas on the issue. However, the date when the battle finally ended has been established clearly; as Chomsky claims, this is January, 1, Chomsky, , Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! It goes without saying that the revolution had great impact on the way Cuba developed. To be more exact, the reforms concerned the field of agriculture — every farmer obtained hectares of farmland, as Socialist Workers Party claims.

However, some of the issues were left unsolved, e.

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In addition, the HRM strategies could have been better — as Spencer explains, Cuba depends highly on foreign human resources Spencer, , Therefore, it can be considered that the revolution did lead to the major results. Blight, J. Chomsky, A.

A history of the Cuban Revolution. Farber, S. The origins of the Cuban Revolution reconsidered.