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Great control of work activities. Most economical way of delivering nursing services. Workers feel secure in dependent role. He raised the issue on giving priority to patient needs. Which of the following offers the best way for setting priority? Assessing nursing needs and problems B. Giving instructions on how nursing care needs are to be met C. Controlling and evaluating the delivery of nursing care D.

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Assigning safe nurse: patient ratio. Checking with the relative of the patient B. Preparing a nursing care plan in collaboration with the patient C. Consulting with the physician D. Coordinating with other members of the team. Each patient as listed on the worksheet B. Patients who needs least care C. Medications and treatments required for all patients D. Patients who need the most care. Wonders why things are not what it used to be B. Finds solutions to the problems C.

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Integrate the solutions to his day-to-day activities D. Selects the best change strategy. He thinks of scheduling planning workshop with his staff in order to ensure an effective and efficient management of the department. Should he decide to conduct a strategic planning workshop, which of the following is NOT a characteristic of this activity? Long-term goal-setting B. Extends to years in the future C. Focuses on routine tasks D. Determines directions of the organization. All the nurses shall undergo continuing competency training program. He plans to create a new position of a Patient Educator who has a coordinating relationship with the head nurse in the unit.

Which of the following will likely depict this organizational relationship? He likewise stresses the need for all the employees to follow orders and instructions from him and not from anyone else. Which of the following principles does he refer to? Which of the following principles refer to this? He emphasizes to the team that they need to put their efforts together towards the attainment of the goals of the program. Which of the following principles refers to this?

Span of control B. Unity of direction C. Unity of command D. Command responsibility.

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Which of the following remarks of the staff indicates that they understand what he pointed out? He discusses the goal of the department. Which of the following statements is a goal? Increase the patient satisfaction rate B. Eliminate the incidence of delayed administration of medications C. Establish rapport with patients. Reduce response time to two minutes. He wants to influence the customary way of thinking and behaving that is shared by the members of the department.

Which of the following terms refer to this? Organizational chart B. Cultural network C. Organizational structure D. Organizational culture. He asserts the importance of promoting a positive organizational culture in their unit. Which of the following behaviors indicate that this is attained by the group?

Proactive and caring with one another B. Competitive and perfectionist C. Powerful and oppositional D. Obedient and uncomplaining. Stephanie is a new Staff Educator of a private tertiary hospital. She conducts orientation among new staff nurses in her department. Joseph, one of the new staff nurses, wants to understand the channel of communication, span of control and lines of communication. Which of the following will provide this information?

Organizational structure B. Policy C.

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Job description D. Manual of procedures. Stephanie is often seen interacting with the medical intern during coffee breaks and after duty hours. What type of organizational structure is this? She takes pride in saying that the hospital has a decentralized structure.

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Which of the following is NOT compatible with this type of model? Flat organization B. Participatory approach C. Shared governance D. Tall organization. Centralized organizations have some advantages. Which of the following statements are TRUE? Highly cost-effective 2. Makes management easier 3. Reflects the interest of the worker 4. Allows quick decisions or actions. Stephanie delegates effectively if she has authority to act, which is BEST defined as:. Regardless of the size of a work group, enough staff must be available at all times to accomplish certain purposes.

Which of these purposes is NOT included? Meet the needs of patients B. Provide a pair of hands to other units as needed C. Cover all time periods adequately. Allow for growth and development of nursing staff. Which of the following guidelines should be least considered in formulating objectives for nursing care?

Written nursing care plan B. Holistic approach C.


Prescribed standards D. Staff preferences. Stephanie considers shifting to transformational leadership. Which of the following statements best describes this type of leadership? Uses visioning as the essence of leadership. Serves the followers rather than being served. Maintains full trust and confidence in the subordinates D. Possesses innate charisma that makes others feel good in his presence. As a manager, she focuses her energy on both the quality of services rendered to the patients as well as the welfare of the staff of her unit. Which of the following management styles does she adopt?

Country club management B. Organization man management C. Team management D. Authority-obedience management. Answers and rationale are given below for this exam. Check your correct answers and read the rationales for additional learning. Tell us your scores on the comments section. Country club management style puts concern for the staff as number one priority at the expense of the delivery of services.

Servant leaders are open-minded, listen deeply, try to fully understand others and not being judgmental. Answer: A. Possesses inspirational quality that makes followers gets attracted of him and regards him with reverence. Charismatic leaders make the followers feel at ease in their presence. They feel that they are in good hands whenever the leader is around. Answer: C. It is not conclusive that certain qualities of a person would make him become a good manager. Recognizes staff for going beyond expectations by giving them citations.

Path Goal theory according to House and associates rewards good performance so that others would do the same. Leaders become leaders because of their birth right. This is also called Genetic theory or the Aristotelian theory. Laissez faire leadership is preferred when the followers know what to do and are experts in the field. This leadership style is relationship-oriented rather than task-centered. Shared governance allows the staff nurses to have the authority, responsibility and accountability for their own practice. Inspires others with a vision is characteristic of a transformational leader.

Benevolent-authoritative managers pretentiously show their trust and confidence to their followers. This will allow for the participation of every staff in the unit. If they contribute to the solutions of the problem, they will own the solutions; hence the chance for compliance would be greater. Low morale of staff is an internal factor that affects only the unit. All the rest of the options emanate from the top executive or from outside the institution. A system used to deliver care. Functional nursing is focused on tasks and activities and not on the holistic care of the patients.

This option follows the framework of the nursing process at the same time applies the management process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. The best source of information about the priority needs of the patient is the patient himself. Hence using a nursing care plan based on his expressed priority needs would ensure meeting his needs effectively. In setting priorities for a group of patients, those who need the most care should be number-one priority to ensure that their critical needs are met adequately.

The needs of other patients who need less care ca be attended to later or even delegated to assistive personnel according to rules on delegation. Integrate the solutions to his day-to-day activities is expected to happen during the third stage of change when the change agent incorporate the selected solutions to his system and begins to create a change. Strategic planning involves options A, B and D except C which is attributed to operational planning.

This is a staff relationship hence it is depicted by a broken line in the organizational structure. The principle of unity of command means that employees should receive orders coming from only one manager and not from two managers. This averts the possibility of sowing confusion among the members of the organization. Hierarchy refers to the pattern of reporting or the formal line of authority in an organizational structure. Unity of direction means having one goal or one objective for the team to pursue; hence all members of the organization should put their efforts together towards the attainment of their common goal or objective.

An organizational culture refers to the way the members of the organization think together and do things around them together. Organizational structure provides information on the channel of authority, i. Tall organizations are highly centralized organizations where decision making is centered on one authority level. Centralized organizations are needs only a few managers hence they are less expensive and easier to manage.

Authority is a legitimate or official right to give command. This is an officially sanctioned responsibility. Providing a pair of hands for other units is not a purpose in doing an effective staffing process. This is a function of a staffing coordinator at a centralized model. Staff preferences should be the least priority in formulating objectives of nursing care. Individual preferences should be subordinate to the interest of the patients.

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Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Please wait while the activity loads. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. Also, this page requires javascript. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. If loading fails, click here to try again. Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 1 Explanation:. Question 2. She takes time to listen, prefers to be a teacher first before being a leader, which is characteristic of.

Question 2 Explanation:. Question 3.

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Acts as he does because he expects that his behavior will yield positive results. Uses visioning as the core of his leadership. Question 3 Explanation:. Question 4. Question 4 Explanation:. Question 5. Challenges the staff to take individual accountability for their own practice. Question 5 Explanation:. Question 6. Question 6 Explanation:. Question 7. Question 7 Explanation:. Question 8. Leaders believe that people are basically good and need not be closely controlled. Leaders rely heavily on visioning and inspire members to achieve results.

Question 8 Explanation:. Question 9. Question 9 Explanation:. Question Have condescending trust and confidence in their subordinates. Question 10 Explanation:. Question 11 Explanation:. He knows that there are external forces that influence changes in his unit. Memo from the CEO to cut down on electrical consumption. Demands of the labor sector to increase wages. Question 12 Explanation:.

Question 13 Explanation:. Majority rule involves dividing the house and the highest vote wins. Question 14 Explanation:. Which of the following is TRUE about functional nursing?

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Question 15 Explanation:. Question 16 Explanation:. Giving instructions on how nursing care needs are to be met. Controlling and evaluating the delivery of nursing care. Question 17 Explanation:. Preparing a nursing care plan in collaboration with the patient. Question 18 Explanation:. Medications and treatments required for all patients. Question 19 Explanation:.

Wonders why things are not what it used to be. A network of interpersonal relationships that arise when people associate with each. The organizational process of determining how activities are to be grouped is called departmentation.

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Departmentation is a means of dividing the large and complex organization into smaller, flexible administrative units. Empowerment means that employees, managers or teams at all levels in the organization are given the power to make decision without asking their superiors for permission.

The tendency to disperse decision making authority in an organized structure. What do you mean by a strategy? Strategy is defined as the determination of long-term objectives of an organisation. Making the best choices for the future and allocating the resources necessary to accomplish the objectives. What is decision making?

Decision making is defined as the selection of a course of action among alternative courses of action. Decision making should be rational. Decision making involves a choice among alternatives. What is the purpose of planning? State the importance of HRM? State the importance of staffing Helps to discover talented and competent persons. Planning and executing all those activities are associated with recruitment, selection, training, and Performance appraisal and career development in known as human resource management.

What is span of control? Span of control tells the ratio between superiors and subordinates. Usually organizations are having two different types of spans. They are. Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. Toggle navigation BrainKart. Organizing may be defined as the process of i Identifying and classifying the required activities i. Uses of Organisation Chart 1. Decentralization The tendency to disperse decision making authority in an organized structure.

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