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France's G7 presidency issues a Joint Statement by the President and leaders of international organizations , August 26, G7 leaders' declaration , Biarritz, August 26, G7 leaders release Biarritz Declaration for a G7 and Africa Partnership with annexes on promoting women's entrepreneurship, digital transformation and transparency in public procurement, Biarritz, August 26, G7 finance ministers and central bankers issue chair's summary and other materials , including the report on the G7 Partnership for Women's Digital Financial Inclusion in Africa and an update on stablecoin, Chantilly, France, July 18, G7 education and development ministers issue declarations , Paris, France, July 5, G7 labour ministers issue declarations , Paris, France, June 7, G7 health ministers issue declaration , Paris, France, May 17, G7 interior ministers produce four outcome documents on human trafficking and illegal migration, internet extremism, return of terrorist fighters and their families, and environmental crime, Paris, April 5, G7 foreign ministers issue declaration on rules-based order, regional crises, non-proliferation, terrorism, conflict prevention and support for the United Nations, Saint-Malo, France, April 6, G7 foreign ministers issue statement on the situation in the West of Libya, April 5, G7 foreign ministers issue statement on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, October 23, G7 foreign ministers issue statement on disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, October 16, G7 energy ministers' meeting issues chair's summary , Halifax, September 21, G7 environment ministers' meeting in Halifax issues a chair's summary , September 19, G7 foreign ministers issue statement on the anniversary of the downing of MH17, July 15, G7 environment, oceans and energy ministers meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, September , G7 finance ministers and central bank governors issue chair's summary , Whistler BC, June 2, G7 development ministers issue a chair's summary with four supporting documents, Whistler BC, June 2, G7 finance and development ministers issue joint co-chairs' summary , Whistler BC, June 1, G7 leaders issue statement on Venezuela, May 23, G7 security ministers issue statement and agree on commitments , Toronto, April 24, G7 foreign and security ministers issue joint statement , with commitments on defending democracy and managing foreign terrorist fights, April 23, G7's Chrystia Freeland and Federica Mogherini announce meeting of women foreign ministers in September , April 22, G7 finance ministers issue joint statement on North Korea, April 18, G7 leaders issue statement on the use of chemical weapons in Syria , April 16, G7 foreign ministers issue statement on Salisbury attack in United Kingdom, April 16, G7 labour and innovation ministers issue chairs' summary and three annexes , Montreal, March 28, Statements by the G7 Ukraine Support Group from Canada announces ministerial meetings for finance and development, employment and innovation, energy and environment, and foreign and security.

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Canada launches official website for Charlevoix Summit. G7 ministers responsible for gender equality issue declaration , Taormina, November 16, G7 labour and employment ministers issue declaration , Turin, September 30, G7 science ministers issue declaration and four annexes , Turin, September 28, G7 leaders' statement on North Korea , September 4, G7 transport ministers issue declaration , Cagliari, June 23, Agenda of the Taormina Summit.


Insects are among the most successful creatures on the planet. But they're in decline and that would have serious consequences for the world.

Entomologist Josef Settele talks to DW about stopping the insect die-out. Multitasking - How well do our brains cope?

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Modern communications mean we are bombarded with e-mails, text messages and news round the clock wherever we are. How do our brains react to this deluge of information? Germany: Endangered turtle dove is bird of the year Known as a symbol of love, peace and happiness, the turtle dove, sometimes knowns as a love bird, is flirting with extinction.

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A German environmental protection group has named it the bird of the year. First aid - an expert opinion They could save lives. Multicamera film technology heralds awesome VR advance Volumetric capture uses many cameras to film an actor from all sides simultaneously. Software then splices the images into film scenes.

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Using VR goggles, you can walk around actors and see them from all sides. Old wheat sprouting from new seeds Since an institute in Germany has been training researchers from Ethiopia how to supplement crops with traditional grains and vegetables. Their goal is for farmers to be better able to adapt to climate change. German research vessel begins yearlong drift through Arctic Ocean The Polarstern, a German research vessel, has found a suitable ice floe to begin its month drift through the Arctic ice sheet.

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The ship's crew will research the effects of climate change on Arctic ice. German Scientist introduces electric motorbikes in Uganda A German entrepreneur in Uganda is on a mission to change public transportation from relying on gas to electricity.

His Zembo electric bike is on trial in Uganda's capital, Kampala where motorbike taxis are popular as the quickest means of public transport. Personality Disorders - The Expert's Opinion In Good Shape talks to psychologist and behavioral therapist Aline Vater about recognizing and treating personality disorders. The structures not in use in the wintertime must not be ignored in the design and can be used as either an armature for the installations, a central feature, or otherwise linked to the installation.

As in previous years, Winter Stations intends to build approximately four winning proposals for a six-week exhibition along the waterfront and, funding permitted, hopes to do so again this year.

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The biannual prize seeks to encourage innovative and visionary architectural concepts that explore new models of living and strategies for inhabiting an urban context over a broad expanse of 30 years. Reflecting processes of change, Superscape opens a creative space for unconventional ideas meant to deliver new impulses to real-life architectural output and urban development. For the last 6 years, the Fairy Tales competition has captured the imagination of designers and architects around the world.

A campaign is now underway, however, to rectify this omission.