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If people are applying to Slate, Goldstein says, they should be able to mention favorite writers and articles and brands within the brand. So, as Goldstein says, applicants need to solve her problem, like hiring a good intern. The task for the applicant, then, is to make the convincing case that you have the solution: Show that you have the track record to fit the responsibilities and make the life of the person who hired you way easier.

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This, by the way, is how Google does hiring. So if you can articulate your fit, the search will soon be over.

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Hat tip: Slate. By Drake Baer 2 minute Read. Goldstein, herself a wordsmith, explains why: Focus on the cover letter. Design Co.

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I also hope the professional cleaning experience and the required attention to detail are on my side. I look for formal brewing education, previous professional experience, and any previous college coursework in hard sciences engineering, physics, chemistry, etc. We receive all resumes through our website, so rarely see a cover letter.

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Homebrewing shows interest, but don't get too crazy descriptive there. I don't really care if your ESB won silver at the county fair.

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Experience is definitely most important if you want to get in as a brewer. It just takes way too much time to train someone from the ground up to risk it on someone you dont know.

We are training one of our tasting room staff up for example. Taking a long time but we are going slow and he has shown a lot of initiative and enthusiasm. A cover letter is also always appreciated in my opinion. You're convincing the company as to why you would be a good fit.

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A lot can come out in a cover letter that wouldnt in a resume, but dont just find a template and fill in the blanks. A lot of people will say homebrewing experience doesn't matter, and for competancy in the job itself it doesn't, but it shows interest so I always take it as a good sign at the very least.

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Sorry to hijack the thread but this question has come to me recently. How much would you value extensive kitchen and large scale catering experience 14 yrs. Amateur brewer as well but I mostly plan to leave that out until asked directly. Spell the name of the brewery right. Funny story, I spelled the name of the newspaper wrong on the cover letter for my forst big boy internship.

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No one noticed Throw in a few years of intense pastry experience and an overzealous fermentation habit as well. I appreciate the thoughtful feedback. Thinking about it some more, if talking about those things came across as things that were challenges you didn't like or why you'd be looking to get into a new career after 14 years doing what you're doing, that'd probably mean the job wasn't right for you. If talking about those things came across as something you enjoyed, or a challenge you found rewarding to accomplish well, or part of the drudgery like lugging around 50lb sacks, prepping 10 trays of 30 appetizers each that others avoided but you managed fine without it holding up the rest of your tasks, that'd put it in a frame that a skeptical interviewer could interpret as "this person isn't a stranger to or intimidated by the kind of physical, attention to detail, and time management tasks that brewing requires".