Was oliver cromwell a hero essay

Cromwell: Hero or Villain (The Devil’s Whore) Part 1

Together, all of them were able to bring the monarch to justice, freeing the people of England from the tyranny of the monarch. Charles I was the son of James I, taking the throne in….

Oliver cromwell hero or villain essay

The BrittanyFund. Will try to convince jurors that the evidence supports the indictment. Will create opening and closing statements and questions for witnesses. Will try….

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Login Join. Oliver Cromwell- Hero or Villian? Essay Words: Open Document. Oliver Cromwell: Hero or Villain? This was the start of the civil war. Cromwell introduced a new model army to the Parliamentarians which was a superior fighting force that led to the defeat of the Royalists. This influenced people to believe that he were a hero as they were against King Charles I. Cromwell seemed as the only person that would stand up to him.

When the king was executed in , the country became republic and the army took control. As Cromwell was in charge of the army, he quickly became the most powerful man in England. The statement shows that the many people did not like the changes Cromwell made to religion and the government. This is evidence to why many saw him as a Villain at this time.

However some still believed that Cromwell could change England for the better, and he was later offered the crown by his people. This meant their was still hope in Cromwell even though he was hated by many. Many people in Ireland supported King Charles I, and parliament was worried that his supporters might launch an attack from Ireland after the execution of the king.

Was Oliver Cromwell a hero or a villain Essay

Cromwell used the excuse that Irish rebels had massacred Protestants, women and children, so their punishment. Show More. Being a hero can bring many sacrifices but one… Words - Pages 4. Charles I — a king who believed in the divine right of kings Petition of right — a petition stating 4 ancient liberties, 1 the king could not tax the people without the agreement… Words - Pages 5.

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Help Login Sign Up. Oliver Cromwell is one of those heroic figures who contributed their entire lives to take back the tradition of England, which was damaged by King Charles I. Cromwell however isn't a typical hero- in actually many people would even consider him to be a villain. Cromwell is a controversial figure who still has people wondering.

Even now, people are still arguing his place in history- hero or villain?

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Ever since Oliver Cromwell became lord protector of England there have been different views to whether he was a hero or a villain. Many years ago historians considered Cromwell to be a great leader. But some present historians believe that Cromwell is an inhuman monster because of the way he had slaughtered the Irish.

enter When Cromwell had guided his new model army to victory over King Charles's royalists everyone in England was confused and worried about what would happen to an England without a monarchy. In England there was a triangle that showed who had more power. At the top there was god, and then there would be gods chosen one, the king.