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Since then the Nurse Practitioner movement has expanded globally. Australia introduced the Nurse Practitioner role in , heralding a new era in the health system of that country. Its introduction has created diverging views which are influence role implementation. This study examines social and political discourses that are affecting the development of Nurse Practitioners in Australia, using text and language to identify discursive practices.

It has set out to determine whether Nurse Practitioners have the autonomy that professional nursing leaders have described in policy, or whether the introduction of the role has merely shifted nursing's sphere of influence within a traditional health care system. Using Fairclough's notion of power behind discourse, the language and discourses of Nurse Practitioners were explored in relation to what was happening around role development and how Nurse Practitioners positioned themselves within the environment where they worked.

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The use of a Critical Discourse Analysis has allowed for the various social, historical and political perspectives of nursing to be examined. Fairclough's three levels of social organisation have been used to identify the divergent discourses between the truths of implementation of the role at individual and organisational level and comparing it to that of the rhetoric of health policy. The discourses surrounding the creation of this advanced nursing role have been the focus of analysis. A comparison of systolic blood pressure in women with and without lymphedema following surgery for breast cancer , Deborah M.

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Olney PDF Relationship between nurses' management of pediatric oncology patients' symptoms and job satisfaction , Jennifer I. Ancheta PDF A comparison of systolic blood pressure in women with and without lymphedema following surgery for breast cancer , Deborah M.

Search Enter search terms:. It can be an extension of other research or a compilation of research in a particular field sort of a larger version of a review article subject of course to your school policy. A dissertation in the US always involves original research.

It is usually substantially more involved than a thesis. A project can be whatever that is defined by the program. In social sciences it is generally the application of a theory. For example in social work it might be the establishment of a support group. Both a project and a thesis may require substantial time. You should find out the definitions before committing this will also keep you from wasting your time if your definition does not fit theirs.

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Thank goodness the NP program I am in does not require one. I've written what feels like papers in the program already.

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I don't think I could survive that big one right at the end. I'm glad that my program Frontier does not require a thesis.

Instead we are putting together an entire proposal for a birth center, from a written synopsis of nurse-midwifery and birth centers in the U. My BC proposal will be in a community in a large midwestern city in a state which just legalized BCs I'm working with one of the CNMs instrumental in getting the legislation passed, so I'm hoping she will be able to use my project in the future. If you have the option, as others have said, take the project.

If you want to get a Phd I'd think you could still apply for a PhD program without having done a thesis.

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Yes, my program allows for a project. I wish they just required more clinical. I hate putting stuff together especially when you have to do it in tandem with a "partner. Sort of a friendly loner type I guess. I think we have to do it with a partner, but what ever, most of my fellow students at Southern have been very motivated, no reason to think the folks in FNP program won't be. I am just so excited.

It is a big chunk!