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Here are some great website blockers that will help you increase productivity and limit distractions:. Block them, for now. Be sure to sit away from computers, phones, tablets, and other distractions.

College Essay! Help me stop procrastinating! 2019

While writing, students often tend to overly rely on Google for ideas instead of using their own creativity. If you have written an essay but need some feedback, try asking an older sibling, or even your English teacher to read over your work and discuss it with you. Asking for help and advocating for yourself is not a sign of weakness.

In fact, it shows that you are self-motivated and dedicated to producing quality work.

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Restore your peace of mind by leaving behind late-night panic attacks and mindless Internet scrolling. By following these tips you can overcome procrastination and submit well-crafted essays to college admissions. Always remember, the best way to write an effective college essay and flawless college application is to give yourself time.

Preparation levels the playing field between you and your competitors.

Writing a College Essay About Procrastination — College Confidential

Lots of smart students procrastinate during college applications. You can get your college essay advantage by starting early and sifting through your best ideas, anecdotes, introductions, and conclusions. Sign up for the The Admissions Strategist newsletter to get the latest information on college and career success. Write amazing essays and solve your worries. The Admissions Strategist. Categories: College Application. December 29, Need to beat college application procrastination?

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Enroll in our college application boot camp to get the counseling and advising you need. Photo Credit: Getty. This is the time of year when the slow but unstoppable approach of college application deadlines begin to weigh more and more heavily on the minds of college-bound high school seniors and the people who care about them.

This process brings up all kinds of emotions and responses—but one of the most common and most damaging is procrastinating on working on their college essays. Many students think that the answer to succeeding in the process is to stop worrying about it so much. For some students, this is true, but they still benefit from realizing one simple thing. The fact is, anxiety is not always a bad thing. Using your unique profile, our free guidance platform helps you calculate your chances at hundreds of schools. We'll also help you understand what areas you need to improve to get into your dream school.

Spend a few hours working on a list of ideas that could become potential essays. Choose one and make an outline. Spend some time doing content and structure edits. Figure out what you want the essay to convey about your personality, and determine whether your essay actually gets this across. Do some structural editing.

Stage 2: Anger

Pay attention to sentence flow, the length of paragraphs, overall organization. If your essay is too long, try to cut down on unnecessary information. Pay close attention to the way that you have structured paragraphs and make sure each one makes sense. Synthesize the comments you received on your essay. Cut your essay down to the word limit — ask yourself which anecdotes, details, and adjectives are truly necessary.

Writing a College Essay About.... Procrastination

Work on grammatical and other small edits. Look for minor things that need to be corrected, such as punctuation and word choice. This process requires a few dedicated hours. Aim to really spend some time polishing your language. Reading your essay aloud can be a productive way to accomplish this. Spend the whole day with your essay. Every few hours, do a reread and see if you can catch any small last minute edits.

Spend the morning coming up with ideas for your essay. Choose one, and use the afternoon to write it. Email this draft to teachers, and show it to your parents.

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  7. Then, take a few hours off, and later at night, read it through to edit for content. Does the essay say what you intended it to? Check your email throughout the day. When you get edits back, start incorporating those into the essay. Spend the day doing structural edits. Every hour, take a thirty minute break from editing.

    By the end of the day, you should have an essay that fits within the word limit and also has a strong flow.

    The organization should be good, and you should be able to see how the essay builds upon itself. The name of the game today is small edits; look for grammar, word changes, and minor sentence structure changes. Move on to the next tip. If not, see if you might have already written an essay to any of the available prompts.

    Especially if the prompts are open-ended, you may have already addressed a potential topic in previous school papers. Look through your files to see if you have any essays that you might be able to recycle.

    The 5 Stages of Procrastination in Essay Writing

    This will help keep your thoughts in order as you write, especially in such a time-constricted context. Blatant errors will reflect poorly in your application! Then, reread it, and make any necessary corrections—grammar mistakes, typos, sentence flow.