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Students review the political, economic, literary, artistic, social, religious, philosophical, scientific, and technological spheres of European history from the Renaissance to the mid-eighteenth century. They analyze the impact of enclosure and crop rotation on society and diet. Students also study the population explosion of the eighteenth century and compare the causes, key figures, and outcomes of various wars in the eighteenth century.

The unit turns to social history with a look at marriage patterns, child rearing, education, and family structure during this age. Students examine art produced during the Rococo movement. Students explore the anatomy of revolution and focus on the phases, people, and events that shaped the French Revolution that officially began in Students begin this unit with the Old Regime and end with the Napoleonic era. The unit also emphasizes neoclassical art. Students explore the origins of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. They study the invention of new machinery that transformed manufacturing in textile and other industries.

They assess the impact of the Agricultural Revolution in the Age of Industry and analyze the results of the transformation from an agrarian to an industrial society. The unit turns to the study of new economic theories that resulted from the hardships and conundrums generated by industrialization. The age of Metternich and upheaval witnessed the clash between conservative and liberal forces.

Students study new philosophies such as romanticism, socialism, conservatism, liberalism, and nationalism.

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They focus on events from the Congress of Vienna in to the revolutions of Students examine revolutions that failed and revolutions that succeeded in securing the foundation for liberal democratic governments. Students also study artists, themes, and works associated with the Romantic art movement. Students study the components of nationalism and how this belief played a role in the unification of the Italian states and Germany. They learn the costs and benefits of nationalism and put Otto von Bismarck on trial.

They examine the social and urban consequences of industrialization and study modernization in Russia during the early twentieth century. The unit then explores ethnic conflict in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and political turmoil in France.

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Prime ministers and reform bills in England during the late nineteenth century are also analyzed. Students compare the motivations and causes, technology, and results of Old and New Imperialism.

They study the short- and long-term factors that contributed to World War I, the conduct of the nations involved in the Great War, and the consequences of this total war. Students examine the age of anxiety that resulted from World War I. Students also assess the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and study governments in western Europe during the s and early '30s.

This unit involves the Great Depression and the impact of existentialism and the Christian revival during the twentieth century. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century art movements are analyzed. The unit then explores authoritarian states in Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union. World War II is examined, along with critical lessons from the Holocaust.

Students examine Europe after the defeat of Germany in They investigate the road to the Cold War and major events that transpired during the conflict between the world's superpowers. The unit turns to the history of the European Union and the tragedy surrounding the civil wars in the former Yugoslavia. Students examine the revolutions of , the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the division of the former Czechoslovakia, and the state of affairs in Europe after the new millennium.

Students review the political, economic, literary, artistic, social, religious, philosophical, scientific, and technological spheres of European history from the Renaissance to the present. Students prepare for and take the practice test for the College Board exam along with the second semester test.

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