Real time operating system research paper


Abstract It is very important to improve the design of the real-time operating system RTOS especially if we want to use it in some special devices. Numerous researches have accepted conventional RTOS as being the customary approach for designing devices used by children.

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This is because these are able to facilitate the implementation different criteria such as clustering, stability and alternate programs. In this paper, numerous publications have been analyzed to observe the performance of the RTOS when it is subjected to varied constraints. The study focuses on a review of RTOS in relation to play models to analyze their capabilities on various computing platforms and OSs.

The publications which we have collected have been sorted out to comprehensively review thereby leading to the configuration of several factors affecting the features within the system.

Real-Time Systems

Likewise, statistics and results have facilitated adoption of a more focused approach towards the development of RTOS. While this program ranks clustering and performance as being the highest RTOS criteria for all applications, alternate programs considered this to be the least important. Thus, criteria choice becomes an important issue to address. Each user gets time of CPU as they use single system.

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These systems are also known as Multitasking Systems. The task can be from single user or from different users also. The time that each task gets to execute is called quantum. After this time interval is over OS switches over to next task. Distributed Operating System — These types of operating system is a recent advancement in the world of computer technology and are being widely accepted all-over the world and, that too, with a great pace.

Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) for The Internet of Things - Research and Markets

Various autonomous interconnected computers communicate each other using a shared communication network. Independent systems possess their own memory unit and CPU.

These are referred as loosely coupled systems or distributed systems. The major benefit of working with these types of operating system is that it is always possible that one user can access the files or software which are not actually present on his system but on some other system connected within this network i.

RTOS: Scheduling policies - 1

Network Operating System — These systems run on a server and provide the capability to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, and other networking functions. These type of operating systems allow shared access of files, printers, security, applications, and other networking functions over a small private network.

One more important aspect of Network Operating Systems is that all the users are well aware of the underlying configuration, of all other users within the network, their individual connections etc. The time interval required to process and respond to inputs is very small.

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This time interval is called response time. Real-time systems are used when there are time requirements are very strict like missile systems, air traffic control systems, robots etc. Examples of Real-Time Operating Systems are: Scientific experiments, medical imaging systems, industrial control systems, weapon systems, robots, air traffic control systems, etc.

Types of Operating Systems

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Advantages of Batch Operating System: It is very difficult to guess or know the time required by any job to complete. Processors of the batch systems know how long the job would be when it is in queue Multiple users can share the batch systems The idle time for batch system is very less It is easy to manage large work repeatedly in batch systems Disadvantages of Batch Operating System: The computer operators should be well known with batch systems Batch systems are hard to debug It is sometime costly The other jobs will have to wait for an unknown time if any job fails Examples of Batch based Operating System: Payroll System, Bank Statements etc.