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This took into consideration the students approach to communication Dickson et al, and their knowledge of basic child development Sheridan et al , knowledge applicable to core skills in many ways. The student correctly prioritised the order of pain evaluation, completing the second criteria International association for the study of pain IASP , Broome I asked the student the second question at this point, the student demonstrated theoretical ability to integrate with the nursing team to provide safe and effective care Stuart , Lomas After the pain score had been gained I asked my final question which was how often should pain observation be done, which the student correctly responded to in accordance with RCN My observing assessor felt that at points my speech was too fast and noted that I needed to repeat myself on occasion.

Speaking at a slower rate allow a student to digest and understand information given to a better level, and prevents them from becoming overwhelmed with information faster than they can process it Prozesky I provided a feedback session for the student, aiming to develop a sustainable proactive learning relationship with the student Cassidy, , which included an action plan made with the student Appendix 3. Considering that the student was essentially competent at the skill, the action plan was focussed on gaining a greater range and experience in order to gain a more reflexive experienced quality regarding the skill and provide more holistic competence Cassidy, The feedback was provided positively and constructively and seemed to help with the students self esteem with regards to the skill, creating a more supportive working relationship and conducive learning environment Clynes and Raftery, Effective communication skills can help identify a student causing concern at an early stage in order to pre-empt failure Caldwell et al, Though feelings of sadness or failure may be felt by the student and mentor from failing assessment, and this provides a challenge, it is important for mentors not to avoid these situations if a student has not met desired outcomes as this may have far reaching implications on student progression Duffy and Hardicre a, Duffy and Hardicre b, Wilkinson The feedback was scheduled and provided shortly after the session aiming to give the student prompt support if required and to correct any unsatisfactory behaviour if present Duffy and Hardicre b.

Considering the feedback, and my own reflections on the assessment, there is need for my future development. I will also endeavor to speak more slowly and learning more about the student prior to assessment. I would consider gaining feedback on the students performance from the patient and their family in the future.

This would allow us to take into account the view of the service user and family to promote clinical excellence and family centred care is of a high quality Department of Health , Casey Overall, my observing assessor thought that my assessment of the student was appropriate for their level of knowledge, skill and attitude Bloom , Hinchliffe , NMC b and effective in determining the level of competency in this area. Part 4: My practice based teaching session I prepared a teaching plan appendix 4 , a powerpoint presentation appendix 7 , handout of the presentation and a handout of the various tools for pain assessment appendix 8 before my teaching session.

This teaching took a mostly behaviourist approach as opposed to a cognitive approach, however, discussion during the learning allows for a more cognitive approach Figure 5. I arranged for a qualified mentor to observe and assess my teaching and the feedback I provided to the student appendix 5.

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They provided written feedback on my session appendix 6 and appendix 9. My assessor noted positive use of further reading and handouts, to enhance the students personal knowledge and support for further adult learning Knowles , Beskine Provision of printed handouts, particularly with space for notes beside them, may help accommodate students who have dyslexia, and may otherwise struggle to absorb the information provided White, Figure 5.

Synthesised from Bullock et al , Goppee , Hinchliffe Learning theory Description Behaviourist Information provided by teacher, student relatively passive. Cognitive humanisitic Student centred. More useful in vocational teaching like nursing.

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Relates past experience knowledge or theory. Utilising a space like this creates a professional and friendly environment helping create a good learning environment Beskine , Hand My assessor observed that I had created a welcoming environment. My assessor commented on the high quality of the evidence based content within the teaching session, my own skill and knowledge in this particular area. Providing good evidence based information assists in providing excellence in care Department of Health , Beskine Using examples from practice also helped describe to the learner applications of the theory to practice Knowles My assessor noted my good eye contact and body language, reassuring the student encourages continued attention, interest and a positive relationship Dickson et al My assessor commented upon the open questions I asked, keeping the student interested, engaged and relating to practice, encouraging cognitive learning Figure 5.

Further learning revolved around the student as an adult learner identifying how to best expand their knowledge in this area by approaching it in a more kinaesthetic learning style Pashler et al , Figure 6. Figure 6. May need more time to complete tasks. May have decreased interest in theoretical values. Auditory Learns well through talks or lectures. Absorbs sequenced organised information well.

May use checklist. Highly unlikely to be able to multitask. May not work well in groups.

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Kinaesthetic Tactile Learns through doing. Tends to enjoy the experience of learning. Finds it easy to demonstrate. May miss instructions or information if presented orally. May find paying attention to detail difficult. My observing assessor noted that at some points the speed of the session was a little too fast. This may cause the student to become confused or not absorb the information that I am teaching Prozesky I will speak more slowly so that the learner can gain more from my teaching session, and consider the student as an adult learner with previous experiences, which can be used as a resource Knowles I could also have asked how the student learned best and accommodated their learning style effectively Rassool and Rawaf A wider range of learning styles figure 6 would accommodate all types of learning Rassool and Rawaf , Pashler et al I would also put more emphasis on patient safety issues Beskine Part 5: The Leadership skills required by a Mentor I am aware that being a mentor is part and parcel of leadership behaviour Girvin, Transformational leadership concentrates on the ability to influence situations or people by affecting their methodology of thought and role modelling Girvin, Transformational leadership in nursing encourage autonomy and enable students or staff to reach their potential and promotes good interprofessional rapport Pollard, She inspired me to work hard, and I believe that she saw the bigger picture: if each employee does well and helps each other, then our patients, our community, and our profession shine.

She helped me recognize that both my personal and professional goals aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. This helped me achieve my goals and continue to strive for performance improvement. I admired her leadership, passion, and integrity. She always complimented, thanked, and praised employees who contributed to the success of a project, or had an idea on how best to improve patient care. This recognition made staff members work harder to achieve their goals.

The Role of Mentors in Evaluating the Quality of Students Nursing Practice - Essay Example

Inspirational leadership is needed in today's healthcare environment, especially in nursing. This leadership style positively affects nurse leaders' ability to elicit change and incite staff to higher levels of achievement. Inspirational leaders know the importance of mentoring, which is critical to the future success of nursing in terms of succession planning and attracting and retaining new nurse leaders.

Inspirational leaders are essential to creating change and truly making an institution a great place to work. They engage employees to do the best job they can, as well as encourage them to stay current and knowledgeable with nursing practice. This is the type of leadership that's needed for employee growth and job satisfaction; organizational growth and sustainability; and optimal, safe, and competent patient care.

Healthcare facilities often offer unit nurses the opportunity to mentor newly hired nurses, yet sometimes fail to provide opportunities for nurse leaders to mentor those new to leadership roles. As a result, nurse leaders must reach out to new nurse managers who are seeking guidance. Here are some helpful tips for effectively mentoring a new nurse leader.

First, you must dedicate time and energy to ensure that the experience is successful for both yourself and your mentee. Envision the qualities you would want in a mentor. Having empathy for your mentee's experience as a new nurse leader can help when providing the patience and guidance needed throughout the mentor-mentee experience. I taken into account in which the manner my mentee learns as it is important to recognize her learning style so that it can be incorporated to the learning material to facilitate effective learning McNair et al Recognizing her individual learning style helps me to arrange her learning preferences.

According to Kolb there are four distinct styles of learning or preferences which are based on four stages, diverging, assimilating, converging and accommodating learning styles. It was felt that my mentee is a reflector as she likes to be given adequate time to think things through before reaching to conclusion. She also likes to observe in contrast to direct participation and slow to make up her mind and reach a decision as opposed to her as good in listening and assimilating information.

For that reason the diverging learning style was applied for best possible learning. On a variety of occasions, it was clear that my mentee is good in watching a procedure before performing it.

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Prior to the start of any session, together we made proper visual checks and verbal questionings to the patient and noted in the pre-operative checklist. Knowing that we have the correct person and the correct procedure, my mentee told me that she is happy and confident to proceed.

The Value of Mentoring for a New Graduate Registered Nurse

Surgical room department is one of the most stressful environment in the hospital, thus, we give our student an assurance and support that they need from us. When doing the safety positioning of patient before surgery, I was talking to my mentee through the procedure step by step as I put the patient under anaesthesia, intubating and positioning the patient for a procedure. In this assessment, my mentee demonstrated theoretically her ability to integrate to the team to provide safe and effective care for the patient.

It was also felt that my mentee was learning in an andragogical way, the teaching methods for adult learners, a term used by Knowles This became obvious when drawing up her learning opportunities. As the formal session involved not only my mentee it was felt that all different types of the learning styles should be consider as every student had their own styles of learning.

Realising what the individual characters and needs is important for learning to be effective. Audio-visual materials were used for teaching as this type of learning aids can speed up learning through the use of diverse senses Neeraja It is evident that group work allowed the student to produce a working relationship and expectation and it made the learning environment enjoyable and gives me a greater insight into different learning styles when doing it within a group.

A written self-assessment followed the session to support my student to assess her strengths and weaknesses.

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This style of assessment can be valuable for the students as when they assessed themselves can occasionally focus on a negative or limitation. I told my mentee that she needs to improve her self confidence to make a speedy safe decision before and during a procedure.

I also pointed out some concerns on her practice document leaving it out to the last minute and be assertive enough to get it filled in at a regular intervals. Also discussed was her progress and conversely how she taught she was doing. At this point I discussed her development and that she is progressing well and that I was very pleased with her overall performance.

Mentoring and Clinical Supervision in Nursing Practice Essay

It consists of giving not so good feedback inserted between positive feedbacks. My mentee was pleased to fulfil her learning objectives and that she enjoyed the way teaching happens as I took into consideration her individual learning style. She pointed out that an up to date induction pack before placement will be of big help as it makes her less anxious about working in the different surgical department after only having her hospital placements. An action plan has been drawn in response to this.

The website directory of the university has been made up to date so students can now access up to date information in relation to this placement. Students should be provided with an induction pack as it will prepare them for the placement ahead RCN