Writing an essay is like baking a cake

But progress is slow. Some things in life are exact and procedural. Procedure is everything.

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A bit of creativity can be disastrous. Other things in life are more creative and flexible. That means that there is no set, exact way to do them, only guidelines, general ideas, and best practice. Writing an essay is one of these. Instead, essays involve a combination of structure and general guidelines, as well as creative thinking.

How to Write a Good Conclusion for an Essay

Like in footie, there are some rules. Structure means things like beginning with an introduction and ending with a conclusion, and in between, considering perspectives alternative points of view and evidence. Creative thinking means linking concepts, digesting the work of others and distilling it, drawing from it selectively and using it to help answer your research question, and writing it in your own words, clearly and crisply ie, without fluff, detours, irrelevances, etc.

The way you get better is by practicing over and over, not by finding the secret step-by-step formula.

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The steps described below will afford you the ability to craft creative titles for essays like a professional. Do read on to discover more:.

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Write your essay as the first step but the title as the last: The first step is to write it in the first place. You should form the content that the writer develops argument or view of the perfect topic. However, you can have a working title to start with, but later you can change it for a better one that attracts your attention based on the content. The type of essay determines what kind of heading you would give it. For instance, a descriptive essay should have a different style compared to an informative or argumentative essay. After writing the essay, put on your thinking cap to craft an impressive headline that matches contents of an essay.

Writing heading after everything else saves a lot of time. Use your thesis: When reading a heading informs you why you are reading it. Since headline comes last, you can start creating thesis statement and writing the purpose of an essay.

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  6. It is practical to take part in creation of thesis statement. These phrases make a fantastic topic. Use or paraphrase a quote: You can never go wrong with quotes from a famous actor or author. Either the full quote or parts will be effective, and yet it still depends on what format the essay will take, e. Note the tone of the essay : the tone of the essay dictates the pace of creating a perfect headline, e.

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    Ensure you are very cautious here because, the best way of losing readers interest it to use the wrong tone in an essay or article. For instance, when writing a serious article, avoid using entertaining or humorous titling style. Simplicity is the name of the game: When crafting a perfect title, do not opt for complex sentences, make it simple.

    Using complex sentences to create a headline will work against the essay. For the post or article to be catchy and easy to read, it must have a simple heading. You are unique, give the title your voice: In creating a great essay title, embrace uniqueness. Thus, they might instead define themselves as a provider of "information solutions.

    The Process of Baking a Birthday Cake

    For example, a manufacturer of baking soda should probably not see itself as a manufacturer of all types of chemicals. Sometimes, companies can define themselves in terms of a customer need. For example, 3M sees itself as being in the business of making products whose surfaces are bonded.

    In order to understand baking it is necessary to grasp the basics. To understand the basics is practicing and conditioning yourself the proper methods of doing so. One of the easiest dough to assemble is the straight dough method, which is a combination of water, yeast, sugar, milk solids, butter and salt.

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    The salt is added last because it inhibits the growth of the yeast. The straight dough method is a starter point to making dough. There are many varieties to dough that require …show more content…. To produce a cake that is editable a basic sponge method is useful.

    If being fancy is your cup of tea a creaming method is wonderful, it begins with the blending of fat and sugar. It is used for cakes and cookies, very useful for products that have high fat and sugar content. To make a cake more appealing in texture, whipping cream can be added.

    To have a taste of France making a Pate a choux would be ideal. Pate a choux means cabbage paste referring to cream puffs that look like little cabbages. Making dough from scratch can be a tricky process.