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Indeed I am educated looking at your views on education. I would ahve loved to be told more about the modes of education you are considering. Is it only formal education?

Sydney J.Harris Talks about how People Changed During the Last Decade

Indeed, there are numerous forms of education. One can even argue that, there is nothing like an uneducated person, if education is defined as a process, or facilitation of learning. This is because, almost everything known to a person is learned. Only few are inborn.

Nonetheless, this article, as indicated clearly in the introductory paragraph, considers only formal education cheifly because, the writer believes Sydney J. Harries was referring to formal education when he made the statement which this article is discussing. Brother, your article does not only educates but also entertains. It is really interesting. The appropriate diction sums it all.

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Education demystifies the pregnant world, thus changing society. I enjoy your writing skills. I like essay and I agree with you to some certain extent. Indeed education can turn mirrors into windows but who decides what we see through this windows. First of all, true education is that which makes the educated themselves windows. The well educated discover a lot of themselves, their perspectives of life is broad, and they have absolute control of their thoughts. It is true that, institutions and systems play a role in the way we reap the benefits of our education.

Indeed, in Africa, people do not utilised the arsenal their education has given them, but it could be worse if they were not educated at all. To further clarify the point about education in Africa, I will like to acknowledge that, it is true education that turns mirrors into windows. For instance, we do not expect students who cheat their way out of education, memorize and reproduce during exams and who have little interested in the intrinsic value of learning to experience the edifying power of education.

They are not even educated. On the flip side, if they had experience real education, Africa would have been ahead of where it is now.

The Best of Sydney J. Harris

Your article is really good and well researched. The most valuable education should be flexible enough to let the students think and learn by themselves, and should lead them with the light of knowledge. In some countries, education generally depends on rote learning. Teachers or professors make the students learn their lessons by heart.

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Students learn their lessons by rote just to pass the exams, and after that, all the information is deleted from their minds. They never learn anything in reality. That is not a good form of education. The key factor in successful learning should be critical thinking. If the students can learn how to think critically, it facilitates the process for education both teachers and students. I agree with Harris that students are not sausages.

Harris J - Awakening Talent Contest Winner

If we create the most suitable learning environment for them, they will eventually blossom like seeds, which we put into the earth and take care of. However, if we think students as oysters and expect them to reveal their riches without doing anything, there might be no outcome. In order to get good results, we need to give education to the students and encourage them to make their own way.

In my opinion, this is the best definition of education. However, something changed when his reflections on life were extended in order to fill a book from cover to cover. It was not unlike drinking a well-loved liqueur that had got watered down: it had lost the intensity of its former flavor. But he is at his best expressing himself in short, concise, terse works -- like a skilled miniaturist painter. Regina Clark.

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Sydney Harris was a newspaper columnist but he was so much more than that. He was a philosopher, a theologian, a theatre critic, a wry observer of politics and had a keen eye for human nature.

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His columns are impossible to categorize but they are full of insights into human nature and the human condition. He goes far beyond the rightwing, leftwing, conservative, liberal labels. And he was not simply political. He wrote about the arts, culture, psychology, and dozens of other subjects. If you ever have a chance to read a book by Mr. Harris, do so. You will be much wiser after reading his books than you were before.