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The steak went down and stayed down. Noelle looked at her steadily. They crave stability. You stay, and you finish the year, and you do your best, and then you decide. I know that feeling: I have had it myself. But sometimes the way to get involved is to just live your life and be yourself with all your values intact.

You could not quantify it or calibrate it. You could barely see it, even when you were looking straight at it. It excites everyone. To live in a world of female power—mutual power—felt like a desirable dream to Zee. Having power meant that the world was like a pasture with the gate left open, and that there was nothing stopping you, and you could run and run. Not everyone agrees with the way I do it. Women in powerful positions are never safe from criticism.

There are impassioned and radical young women out there, telling multiple stories. I applaud them.

We need them. We need as many women fighting as possible. I learned early on from the wonderful Gloria Steinem that the world is big enough for different kinds of feminists to coexist, people who want to emphasize different aspects of the fight for equality. God knows the injustices are endless, and I am going to use whatever resources are at my disposal to fight in the way I know how. For women. The way it had been for centuries. The stuck place. She sang along with them, her voice coming out in a loud quaver.

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Faith traveled easily among radical women, among housewives, among students, wanting to learn, as she said. Loci was doing good business, and naturally people were writing things on Twitter like whiteladyfeminism and richladies, and the hashtag that for some reason irritated Faith most, fingersandwichfeminism. The day after Greer Kadetsky had fallen asleep at work and then expressed her work frustrations, Faith had called a meeting in the conference room.

They had all sat around the table and she listened as one by one they told her why they had originally come to Loci, and why it felt different there now. They told her about their worries that the summits were elitist, that there was a kind of feel-good feminism in the air. Greer wondered why Faith was giving her this gig.

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Maybe Faith had no interest in giving this speech, and so that was why she was giving it to Greer—passing the power on to her in order to get rid of it. Now Faith appeared like some foil-headed Martian, taking calmly about staying on at the foundation under the aegis of ShraderCapital, which had no problem pretending it was overseeing a nonexistent charity on another continent. My whole working life has been about compromise. But it happens. All the people who work for good causes will tell you this. Everyone knows, when they start out, that the donation is really only eighty cents. Faith took a second.

But those young women are free.

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The weighing. Sneaky, maybe. But you know what? I think there are two kinds of feminists. The famous ones, and everyone else.

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Almost never. I get a lot from them too, remember. Kay wandered around, curious, excited, flipping through the different books on the shelves, finding ones that Greer hadn't lent her but which looked good, then eating from Greer's stash of cashews, swiping a couple of Greer's multivitamins from the big amber bottle on the kitchen counter, as if they might give her the energy, power, and stature that she would need, going forward.

Kay went into the den and looked at the soft easy chair there, the reading lamp angled beside it. Sit in the chair, Kay, Greer thought. Lean back and close your eyes. Imagine being me.

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It's not so great, but imagine it anyway. At Loci, they had all talked loftily about power, creating summits around it as though it was a quantifiable thing that would last forever. But it wouldn't, and you didn't know that when you were just starting out. Greer thought of Cory sitting in his brother's bedroom, far from anything having to do with power, taking Slowy out of his box and placing him nearby on the blue carpet. Slowy blinking, moving an arm, craning his head forward. Each letter is tailored to a specific audience, with Arfy promising to lick things clean, protect, and deliver endless affection.

Will any of the residents of Butternut Street agree to adopt him? After his successful angling for a pet in I Wanna Iguana , Alex tries using note-writing to broach his next request: A room of his own, away from his pesky younger brother. The parent-child communication includes plenty of examples of making and responding to counterarguments.

He makes his case with plenty of arguments grounded in facts—facts that show that if your dad was an animal, he could be even more gross, embarrassing, or annoying! Which are strong? Which are just whiny? Engaging, diverse photos and topics, a kid-friendly tone, and explicit advice make this a helpful primer to accompany more conventional mentor texts. This narrator has plenty of reasons to dislike his self-centered cats, which he outlines in specific detail. Use this title as an example of a multi-pronged argument. Plus, show that sometimes, opinion writing actually leads us to change our own minds.

By the end, the owner realizes he actually loves his pets, quirks and all. Zoe makes big plans for her future, from being an archeologist to a veterinarian. She quiets self-doubt with confident arguments. Check out this free downloadable educator guide from the publisher for persuasive letter-writing curriculum connections. If you are a teacher go to my Resources of Teachers page.

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