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The proposed project aims to develop machine learning based toolsets and techniques to evaluate and rehabilitate visual field loss through applied game conditions. The environmental problems associated with micro-pollutants such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products reaching water courses from waste water effluent are well documented. Cyber Security and Networking Research Group. Email remains the most frequent form of digital communication in the professional world — the average British worker spends two and half hours per day on email tasks - and is still ubiquitous in the private sphere.

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Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group. Proposed supervisory team. Computing, Informatics and Applications Research Group and. Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences. Improved data modelling and interrogation using AI innovation to reduce the environmental impact of oil exploration Aberystwyth University Department of Computer Science. Hafren Scientific is a geological consultancy company, operating in the oil and gas sector, to improve the placement, efficiency and productivity of wells.

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Young people in the UK and elsewhere often have narrow or stereotypical career aspirations. Furthermore, although they may be confident at using social media and other forms of technology through mobile phones and other devices, their digital literacy and digital capabilities are often under developed. As network applications are increasingly used with the popularity of broadband networks and Internet of Things IoT , network security is a very important issue.

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Smart cities can collect data from people, through the devices they carry, the services they use and through sensors embedded in the built environment. We are seeking a motivated person interested in a doctoral study with a fully-funded PhD studentship. Wearable technologies facilitate robust quantification of human activities with digital integration to IT infrastructures making them a viable and pragmatic tool for modern patient assessment.

Today, Retrofitting of existing housing to meet stringent thermal comfort and sustainability targets has become high on the agenda both in the developed and developing world. Achieving sustainable and green certified buildings, has been a highly discussed topic with significant growth and interest among the AEC industry Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry in the last decade. Electromagnetic sensing systems, such as Ground Penetrating Radar GPR , are critical tools to allow us to evaluate the condition of surface and sub-surface infrastructure. Ensuring the correctness of protocols and algorithms for the coordination of robotic swarms is a challenging problem, involving reasoning about continuous dynamics and probabilistic behaviour.

Facial expression is one of the most effective means for human beings to indicate emotions, feelings and intentions. Topological physics is a central branch of modern physics, as evidenced by the Nobel Prize in Physics In particular, topological insulators have been extensively studied by condensed matter physicists since their discovery about a decade ago.

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Green building design has been a main driver for many new commercial projects in recent years and schools have been no exception, many requiring green benchmarking certification such as LEED or BREEAM. Show 10 15 30 per page. Sitemap Privacy Advertise. Let us know you agree to cookies We use cookies to give you the best online experience. To read our privacy policy click here Ok.

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Let us help you find a PhD Never miss an opportunity Enter our scholarship competition Get funding news, tips and advice Hear about upcoming events. Sign up to our Newsletter Sign up to our newsletter today We've been helping students find the right PhD opportunity for over a decade. Oxford Mon 14 Oct Register Now. Edinburgh Tues 15 Oct Register Now. Sheffield Wed 16 Oct Register Now. Exhibit a depth of knowledge in at least one specialized area of computer science. Conduct a thorough literature survey on a research topic.

The Computer Science PhD program gives you the opportunity to study different areas, including: Design and analysis of algorithms Operating and distributed systems Computer architecture and networking Computational geometry and robotics Computer graphics and image processing Programming languages and compiler construction Artificial intelligence and expert systems Database design, document analysis, and retrieval Software Engineering Career Possibilities Market Research Analyst Business Development Manager Competitive Intelligence Analyst Quantitative Analyst Medical Communication Specialist Healthcare Information Technology Specialist Operations Research Analyst Postdocs and assistant professor.

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Jump to navigation. Passing of the exam requires the unanimous approval of the committee on these three points. Be sure to obtain committee signatures on the "Dissertation Proposal Committee Approval Form" found under the forms sections of the graduate tab. If unanimous approval does not occur, a student may reform a committee or alter the topic. In the event of a significant change in research direction, a student will be required to re-certify that each member of the committee continues to answer positively the three questions that determine whether or not the student passes the proposal exam.

The committee may choose to require a public re-examination. A student's status in the Ph. College of Natural Sciences.

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Program Proposing and Advancing to Candidacy. With the assistance of your supervising professor, prepare a written dissertation proposal document and select a committee for approval by the graduate adviser. The committee must be composed of a minimum of 4 members, of which 1 must be someone whose teaching and research are principally outside of the department, and three members, including the supervisor, must be members of the CS department's Graduate Studies Committee GSC. The Graduate Adviser must approve your committee prior to making final committee plans an email message will do. Be sure what you send to the graduate adviser for approval includes a short description of your dissertation and what role you foresee for each proposed committee member in helping you reach your research goals.