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Similarly, Robert had this extravagant romanticism. His poems show that he had passion and always insisted that emotion is supreme Phela 1. She had the impulse and substance of great poetry, but the circumstances under which she lived and her temperament did not bring out her best. Robert on the other hand was thorough and dramatic.

His works show the reader a glimpse of the real life and the different human personalities. Using this, he developed the style of monologues whereby he presented a character discussing his life or situation or even incident. He economized on space in most of his monologues. Robert Browning mostly used the dramatic monologue style that was known for Victorian poets.


This form allowed him to engage with his readers by making them be the listeners. He therefore, uses dramatic monologue to expose the vices of the narrator and also as a way through which they can repent their sins. He presented the poet as a teacher to the reader. His works are full of teaching about religion and life. When all his works are put together, they sum up a statement of his philosophy of life.

Unlike Elizabeth, he believed that life in the world is for the most part fine. He had confidence in the realities of the then situation. Elizabeth on the other hand was dramatic and lyrical in style. She employed rich and varied vocabulary in her work with rhythms that brought out varied poetic effects.

She is driven by subjectivity and wrote by the call of her feelings which made her work appeal to emotion. Her work is driven by consequence; this made her work lack the literal art. Most of her work talks about thought and feeling and very little on events. She admitted to herself that:.

Poetry has been as serious a thing to me as life itself; and life has been a very serious thing. I never mistook pleasure for the final cause of poetry, nor leisure for the hour of the poet. I have done my work, so far, as work, as the completest expression of my personal being to which I could attain Tejvan 1. He is also fond of using remote and unusual characters. He disregarded the fact that he had an extra ordinary mental power and agility and also ignored the capacity of an ordinary person.

He therefore took most of what readers might be interested in reading for granted. A look at some of his works shows that he was hasty and seldom corrected his work.

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He was also careless in his sentence structure as seen mostly in his long poems. He was ludicrously odd in the choice and treatment of his subject. This is attributed to his desire to portray the world in its true colors and also to avoid conventionality Browning 1. This saw her write beautiful poems on flowers, and sentimental poems reflecting on childhood.

He had great power in the external detail, but it is the characters, the humans in his work, that he sees as important in life. He even admitted it to himself that the study of souls was the only thing he regarded as worthwhile. He portrayed an unprecedented number of characters most of whom are men. This includes characters such as Cleon, Balaustion, Andrea del Sarto, and many others.

As he aged he became more accommodative to many subjects. His peculiarity, a combination of speculative acuteness and strange poetical insight gave him a lot of difficulties that he did not hold well. His work showed that he was not sure whether he was writing poetry or putting logic in verse. He undertook lengthy analysis when in reality he should be giving a concrete poem.

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  4. In most of his poems, he used too many necessities of verse which complicated and obscured the message or the reasoning behind the particular work. His profound regard for high morals gave him his source of power.

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    He had little interest if any in issues relating to romance and history. What makes him unique is that he took his subjects from a wide field and places although, he was not interested in them, but in the humans who were to be found there. His intellectual ingenuity drove him on many occasions to step off the main course.

    This made him infamous despite his unique poems. Elizabeth on the other hand was a victim of her health and paternal tyranny. These affected her works because we have just seen that she was sometimes sentimental, edgy and even hysterical. These denied her the self-discipline necessary for success.

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    It is also written that most of her great poems apart from the Sonnets were written when she was married to Robert. Therefore, I think Robert was the better of the two. His good qualities that sometimes made people to misjudge him can not be ignored. His use of irony and indirect criticism instead of overt moralizing of his messages, make him one of a kind. That is why his works will continue attracting many criticisms for many years to come. Merriman, Derick.

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    Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The Literature Network, Phelan, Joseph. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Arlindo Correia, Robert Browning. Academy of American Poets, Petrachan sonnets differ from other poems of the same genre in their formal structure. In the first eight lines, or octave, we are presented with the theme of the piece: Love. Then we have a volta, or twist, followed by the last six lines or sestet which develop the theme further.

    In Sonnet 43, Barrett raises this style to another level. In the octave, she describes the loftiness of her love in abstract, spiritual terms, drawing parallels between her intense love and religious or political fervour; in the sestet she includes her feelings of grief and the loss of innocence, giving her love a more realistic stance. She uses a constative 5 speech act, where she is describing her love in a relatively calm, logical β€” and even philosophical β€” manner.

    Yet the poem still successfully has the impact of being a passionate declaration of love, convincing us that this love is not a passing fancy but real and everlasting. Let us examine the poem in more depth. She begins with a question β€”. Is this a rhetorical question? Barrett desires the reader to ponder the question in anticipation of what is to follow.

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    Here we have not only internal rhyme depth, breadth , but also a sort of paradox: she is using abstract analogies to describe her love as being three-dimensional and therefore very much a part of the real world. Her love extends to the limits of the physical world. This links directly to the idea of her love as a spiritual thing, as she reiterates in the next line, with the mention of her soul:. This line suggests that this love is a part of her very being, pertaining to her body and soul. Barrett was very religious, and as such this would have held more meaning for her than someone less inclined towards such beliefs.

    For her, this love had become the very core of her being, the meaning behind her existence. With this in mind, she is comparing her love for Browning to her love for God, elevating it to something which is out of this world. This may also be another reference to God, echoing the Christian belief in loving possessing a free-will in loving God and doing what is right in order to achieve perfect happiness.

    Then we have the volta, where her tone changes: she starts to describe her love as a passion that hurts, the passion that she has in old griefs and childhood days. Her last lines are sentimental, echoing the intensity of this love:. Wordsworth and S. Taylor Coleridge, Lyrical ballads, with other poems : in two volumes, Biggs and Co. Bristol, London : , Preface. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? The influence of Mark Twain on the lives of people who read the novel Essay. Inspector Goole Essay. Edmund Burke and Historical Precedent Essay.