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Examples of milestones are the capability of speaking words of a child and attainment of puberty. Deductive reasoning is a major milestone in the life of an individual. It is evident in the life of the individual studied here identified by his behavior in the adolescence stage when he went into depression due to the loss of contacts with friends and issues with his best friend and father whose harsh words led him to believe that he is incapable of doing anything good. It also led him to take the risk of quitting his studies midway and look for earning through job. It indicated a poor decision-making skill with an inclination towards higher risk taking attitude for short-term goals.

The individual in this context the person reveals his milestones as achievement of the trait of confidence that is facilitated through the joining in his job that drove him to readmit to his studies through part time classes beside the job. It enabled him to adjust and lead a decent and normal life in face of adverse situations.

The events as identified by the individual in this study assert the importance of the various circumstances faced in the life affecting the development of the person. The circumstance of peer pressure and lack of familial support from father seem to result in severe risk taking and detrimental actions by the individual. A strong and efficient support from the community enables a better development of a person. It is evident from the reflections of the individual who identified the presence of convenient and affordable educational service that he accessed for completing his studies.

It is clearly seen in case of the individual identifying the development of the ability to overcome his adverse situation through such community service involvement while working professionally at an organization. The significance of the familial support is also highlighted by the instance depicting detrimental effect on the individual due to the inappropriate circumstance at his home with his father and with his best friend. As far as the development process is concerned irrespective of the controversy that it progresses through the continuous or discontinuous pattern, it shows remarkable effect on the physical, cognitive and emotional aspects of an individual.

The development of the physical aspects of the individual is identified through his reflections from his earlier experiences. The person in this study reveals a standard level of physical fitness. He is seen to work in the sales and marketing department of an organization. The revelations he made regarding his physical status induces to consider him as physically fit individual.

However, the person indicates the presence of mental issues as depression and negative thinking. Cognitive development is idealized by moral development as cultural influence and spiritual development. The individual shows a low level of cognitive development due to the circumstances as lack of familiar support, issues with colleagues in adolescence, and such. The low socio-economic status of the individual in his childhood, restrict the consumption of adequate iron and protein obstructing others or the patient.

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Social aspects in LSD are related to the identity quest and intimacy. The individual in question over here seems to be a less sociable person. This trait of the individual can be a result of the negative experiences in earlier times as adolescence. The low socio-economic status of the individual restrained him from visiting places with standard and rich people.

However, the individual revealed that he had no experience of social media interactions. This stage is characterized by very few incidents, as the individual is not being able to act remarkably. The events occurring in infancy include movements of hands, legs and body, trying to speak with the people surrounding. Growing teeth, developing the ability to walk and speak and recognizing people by their name and relations are the vital events taking place in this stage. A major number of events are seen to happen at this stage.

The individual stated that he had visited a doctor regarding his depression. The early exposure to inappropriate situations as bullying from classmates and facing further unsuitable behaviors seems to have a remarkable effect on the psychological development of the individual.

In a different voice: psychological theory and women's development. Essay review.

He developed a negative attitude towards people. It indicates the importance of schooling event in the life of an individual. Not only does it associates with the educational development of an individual but also in the overall personality development in terms of conceptual and behavioral aspects majorly. The social relations of the individual are seen to be not very well intertwined. The early encountering of parental problems led the person to recluse, losing interest in social activities.

However, the interaction of the person with some of his office colleagues and his wife prior to their marriage proved supportive and productive to redirect him towards the development of a trusting and positive attitude towards people and relationships. Employment emerges as a very essential event in the life of an individual.

Developmental Psychology

It was only after the employment that the person in this case developed the sense of right and wrong as well as the importance of long-term plans. Another major event is the loss of any close person. Coping up with such, a loss in life and preparing for the next stage of LSD death is a significant phenomenon needed to undergo an efficient LSD Berger, This theory highlights the occurrence of the cognitive development in an individual through stages, which are considered universal in nature.

The stages occur sequentially in the life of a person. Adaptation is the major centre of this theory. The 4 stages of this theory include Sensorimotor years , Preoperational years , Concrete operational years and Formal operational 11 years onwards. The theory is efficient in educational philosophies and programs emphasizing environmental contact and active learning. This theory mainly focuses on the socio-cultural aspects and the belief that interacting with knowledgeable people in society enables children to develop inventory and creative thinking ability.

It highlights cognitive development as a socially mediated process of LSD. This theory asserts the belief over continuous development process through several courses of reinforcing behaviors that varies person specifically. It puts equal importance to both early and later experiences.

The book about LSD by Laura depicts a strong emphasis on the application of the concepts of human development to enable a clear and in-depth understanding of the aspects of developmental stages in a sequential manner through the story-telling process of progress in the book.

Going through the study it can be concluded that the factors as significant events, circumstances and biological factors together influence the LSD of an individual. The development process immensely affects the physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of an individual on an overall basis. Berk, L. Volume 7.

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Developmental Psychology Paper Essay

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Our best price guarantee ensures that the features we offer cannot be matched by any of the competitors. Before stepping into a classroom to teach one may not stop to think that the students they will be teaching may have many different learning needs. I can now see why Developmental Psychology is part of the 7th through 12th grade education program here at Southern Maine Community College.

Unlike Introduction to Psychology, which might be useful for most majors, this class explores psychology in a deeper way, and is necessary for anyone interested in working with children or young adults.


America is known as the melting pot of the world, you can see the diversity in our country on a daily basis. The people that make up our country come from a wide variety of different cultures, and bring with them many different religions, beliefs, and customs. It is important to take away from this class an understanding of diversity, and how it effects the development of every person.

As well as welcomed challenge for me to provide the student with the skills he or she will need to succeed in a new environment. Influences as far back as when the child was conceived could be contributing factors as to why the child is the way they are today! The information in this class will stick with me, as well as be applicable in everyday life and in my career. I have already seen many events in my life that I understand better because of this class. I grew up the oldest of six, so I already have some experience when it comes to watching a newborn grow, and the physical stages of deployment.

The process is really amazing to see, but having taken this course it is even more amazing once you understand it better.

follow url As a child I may not have understood what was happening as my siblings grew, but as an adult I will definitely have a new found appreciation for the complex stages of life development that I will again get to witness. The passing of my grandmother, only a few days after going over death and dying in class, made the event considerably less traumatizing, I could also share information I had learned and discussed in class with my family which helped put them at ease.

But it was her wish to be let go if she was relying strictly on life support to live.

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