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Weekly introductory lecture recorded, approx. Weekly Introductory Lecture recorded, approx. The University reserves the right to amend or remove courses and unit availabilities, as appropriate. Hobart Introduction This unit explores the roles of spectacles and the spectacular in ancient Roman society through the study of literary, epigraphic, archaeological, and other heritage sources.

When the Romans conquered a foreign land they would receive the spoils of war.

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Spoils of war are the treasures of the conquered people. When they received the spoils of war they would give their gratitude and loyalty to their commander. As a result, the Senate gave Caesar and other generals like him power to rule Rome. What factors led to the decline of the Roman republic and the rise of the Roman Empire? Land Reforms such as Latifundia were a big part of the decline of the empire because they would buy out the small farms and use the farmers as slaves on their estates.

The Latifundias became popular because they had lower prices since they did not have to pay for their workers. Reforms run by lower classes threatened the senate, so they killed few. This caused several civil wars to break out, deciding if either the senate should run or political leaders. From this a leader arose, Caesar, which started a new government.

The senate was threatened so they killed him as well, this started several civil wars, which caused a change in government, and started the Roman Empire, now run by Octavian. How did Augustus lay the foundation for stable government in the Roman Empire? He left the senate in place and created an efficient civil service to enforce its laws. Additionally, jobs were opened to men based on talent, not class. This new, organized, and well-balanced government started to make the rising empire a success.

An organized currency to assist trade, an improved tax system including a census , and jobs for the unemployed building roads and temples, began to stabilize and unify Rome. He issued a population count, which created equality. Depending on how much money you made, the taxes you owed were either higher for wealthy people, or lower for poorer citizens. Furthermore, Roman law was codified and walls for protection were built.

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His actions unified Rome. How did Romans use science and mathematics to improve life in the empire? Romans excelled in engineering. They made machines, structures, roads, bridges and harbors.

Romans also used math to build with shapes and angles. They also made aqueducts, which was a way to get water down into the towns, without using the dirty rivers.

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The roans used gravity to push water through the ducts. They put the aqueduct on an angle, which they found out through math. The angle also controlled the flow.

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Why did Christianity threaten the Roman Empire and how did Christianity later emerge, and then spread, to become the official religion of the Roman Empire? The Christians were unwilling to accept that the roman emperor was god. This was not good for the security of Rome because as the religion started to spread less people wanted to fight and it took power away form the Empire.

Also the emperor could always keep religion as an excuse for acting in a certain manner, because he was considered a god, but when the people start to question him as a god, they start to not listen to him, and his empire started to become less successful. Christianity spread because Jesus welcomed everyone, poor, lowly, or pressed people, so a lot more people decided to convert because they would be treated equally.

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People also wanted to feel connected to a higher power. Christianity seemed to spread a more ethical message than the Roman beliefs. Jesus promoted life after death, which soldiers liked, they also believed in morality, which is the belief in right from wrong.