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Road safety essay

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Genealogy of morals summary first essay on population. The role of the management in creating good safety culture cannot be under-estimated. According to the Zero Accident Vision all accidents are preventable. One of the leading ideas is to learn from those accidents that have occurred and to take corrective actions to prevent similar accidents occurring again. Learning from accidents and near miss situations helps people to react to similar situations in the future. When confronted with an uncertain situation, for example a situation with a major potential risk, people tend to seek a solution from their past experience, from memory.

Thus accident investigation is a learning crucial tool. Workplaces with positive pro-safety attitudes carry out similar investigation to near miss cases as they do for actual accidents. Near miss cases provide a company with powerful learning instruments and a lesson in how to implement accident prevention actions. Near miss cases are these cases where nobody was injured, but where an injury would have been possible. Finding the root causes for near miss cases helps to prevent more serious accidents happening if a similar situation were to occur later.

Therefore, in all accident prevention strategies, it is essential to recognise what has happened in the past, and to apply corrective actions after recognising the dangers and risks. The Zero Accident Vision does not accept that accidents simply happen because of bad luck. Human error or haste are often seen as the root cause of an accident, and in many cases there is probably some truth in this proposal. Factors like individual unsafe actions are hard to control, but organisational and contextual factors are present before the occurrence of an accident [3].

Zero accident vision

Finding the root causes and taking corrective actions on the basis of these findings may also increase the profitability of a company as well as improving occupational safety and well-being in the workplace [4]. Accidents do not necessarily happen where and when expected: even though it seems that all possible risks have been identified and carefully considered, something quite unpredictable may still take place. Traditionally risk assessment includes assessing several possible risk assumptions in a limited period of time.

Compared to this traditional assessment style, resilience within the context of risk control concentrates on future occasions that may challenge the operations at any given time and situation. Resilience is based on something that the organisation does, rather than something that the organisation has [5].

This means that in order to provide a safe work environment, an organisation has to have the ability to manage processes that may at times be unpredictable, as well as maintaining the capability to respond to both expected and unexpected developments. Driving a car is an example of resilience thinking: Even in very light traffic, the driver should be able to look ahead and to observe any kind of movement or change in the traffic environment, however, the driver can never be quite certain of what lies ahead on the road and what unexpected actions might be taken by other drivers.

There is the same trend in safety management: Organisations must be able to function and survive in environments that are dynamic, both partly unknown and partly predictable. In order to be effective, it is necessary for organisations to look forward and to prepare for the problems that may lie ahead, but might not yet have been foreseen. Leaving room for the unexpected is important if one is striving for zero accidents. Even though much may have been done to prevent accidents, some risks will always still exist. One of the greatest recurrent risks is to be lulled into thinking that everything is covered after having followed safety strategies and plans.

However there is a possibility that new risks have not been identified and they may lead to serious accidents. Regular safety assessments and a pro-safety attitude are essential for preventing accidents.

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Top management plays a key role when improving occupational safety, because preventing accidents and creating a better safety culture requires resources — both work time and financial input. Those leaders who value safety highly, also value their employees' well-being [7]. The information that management values safety is important to the workers.

This shows that the workers and their wellbeing at work is valued.

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Managers should follow safety rules themselves and ensure that all workers are adhering to them as well. The real commitment and safety attitude of managers can be seen through their actions: Managers can show their commitment to safety by following the workplace's own safety procedures, and by not approving any unsafe behaviour from workers. For instance it should not be acceptable to ask workers to perform their work faster if this haste will pose a risk to safety.

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Though top management provides the resources for working according to Vision Zero, the commitment of each worker is equally important in order to obtain the goal. The workers' involvement and participation can be boosted by training and a thorough orientation in the work processes. Supervision and control are also important tools, as well as the management's clear message that unsafe actions are not acceptable.

Working towards Zero Accident requires co-operation at all levels within the organisation. Achieving a safe workplace entails much work, because workers have different opinions and attitudes towards safety, and individuals behave very differently in different situations.

However, the way that people behave can be influenced, and sharing the Zero Accident Vision presumes that the members of an organisation share a positive safety attitude. Informing all workers is the first step in motivating and increasing workers' commitment to safety. The information should be extended also to those workers who temporarily visit or perform some task in the workplace. The idea of sharing the concept that safety is important and highly valued in the workplace increases safety knowledge and understanding among workers. Transparency in information sharing is an important tool in co-operation towards better safety within an organisation.

This is not the aim of Zero Accident Vision.

Every single accident, even minor accidents, needs to be reported. The transparency can be achieved by thorough safety communication which helps the workers to understand that the reason for reporting accidents is not to identify the person who is guilty or who has done something wrong. All accidents and near miss cases should be used for learning and for further prevention.

Reminders of the commitment to safety should be issued every now and then: For example, these can be delivered through safety campaigns which concentrate on a certain theme of safety such as tidiness in the workplace or reporting near misses.

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Working towards Zero Accident Vision needs resources for adequate training both vocational training and workplace specific safety training. In order to work safely, workers should be aware of the risks and the correct, safe ways to work in each particular work environment and workplace. This can be achieved by safety training and orientation at the company level. Orientation is not only for new workers, but also essential when workers' tasks 1 change, and 2 new machines or equipment are introduced, or 3 after long absence from work maternity leave, sick leaves, etc.

The principle behind safe working is adequate resources, i. When the working environment or machines change, the equipment and methods need to be checked and readjusted to the current situation. Safety processes and pro-safety attitude should be visible in the workplace: This means that personal protective equipment should be available and used whenever required. A safe way of working should be the rule, i.

Safety should also be included in the agendas of team meetings and adequate training must be provided to ensure safe working.