Educational system in iran essay

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Primary Education School education is free right through state secondary school, and mandatory for primary school grades. The process begins with 1 year of pre-school orientation following which children automatically enter primary school. There they pass through grades 1 to 5.

Secondary Education

At the end of this, they sit a national examination that they must pass too, if they are to enter middle school. When citing an essay from our library, you can use "Kibin" as the author.

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Iranian education system

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Most helpful essay resource ever! Women did not gain the right to vote until the 's mainly because of the patriarchal government system. Birmingham Board of Education, American wom This aspect of the Iranian nuclear crisis, a new international system that appears after September 11 "a catalyst for systemic" function causes the different perspectives of seeing and international actors. The crisis reshaped the global system of regional actors such as Turkey and Brazil is in the process of playing the role of a mediator in resolving the nuclear crisis is committed to the diplomatic methods.

These agreements within the framework of the construction of nuclear power plants, nuclear physicists' education on issues such as Iran's supply of nuclear equipment and te I was born and raised in a Baha'i family in Iran.

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High school was the last level of education that the government would not mind me to have as they did not let me or any other Baha'i student to enter an official university to seek higher education. Iran's regime has always denied that Baha'is are not allowed to seek higher education, yet they could not explain why there is no Baha'i student in any of the official universities. It is infamously known that Iran's government allows Baha'is to receive education up to high school level. Because of its closed off past, the Persian Empire was under a feudalism system that was suffering from poverty.

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Reza Shah introduced modern education, industrialization, railroads, and started a program for Iranian students to travel to Europe to learn. Iran's oil not only appealed to UK, but also the US. The allies invaded Iran on August 26, The war had negative repercussion on the Iranian people.

Of these reforms education and concern about public health were most long lasting and made a large impact on the Iranian people and Iran as a whole. As part of his plan to modernize Iran he introduced a Western-style judicial system, which included a hierarchy of courts, as well as civil, commercial, and criminal codes. Mandatory elementary education for six to 13 year-olds and six years of secondary education was instituted, based on the modern French curriculum. When the reign of Reza Shah came to an end in more than 17, miles of road system had been constructe Looking at Middle Eastern states such as Saudi Arabia and Iran; it would be easy to say that Islam paints a picture of gender inequality from a broad perspective.

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Whilst in Iran it is not permissible for a married women to make foreign travels without the permission of her husband; restrictions on dress and behavior are also in the constitution. To keep it straightforward Patriarchy is seen as a system in the society where men are above women as "father figures", where they hold political and moral authority.