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The things God does are neither difficult nor easy for God; they are only either done or not done. This is because difficulty is a factor that comes about only through the potential for not accomplishing a task. This does not apply to God for potentials do not apply to Him — only actuals. God's power to do all that He desires is the fuel for the engine of sovereignty, which accomplishes His providence. A senseless challenge to God's sovereignty is the question of whether He can make a rock so heavy that he couldn't lift it.

Incommunicable attributes of God

This is a senseless question because the feat requested is not a thing to be accomplished through power, but rather by contradiction of reality — the equivalent of asking whether Homer could write an epic so long that he couldn't read it. This allows Him to interact in any places at any times even in multiple places simultaneously. Being in all locations present in the whole of His being, there is no place we can go and not be in His presence; this is a comfort for Christians and a torment to nonBelievers.

God is not spatial or dimensional in existence as we are; if He were, we would constantly be bumping our heads on Him. While it is beyond the scope of our understanding to work out how it is that God can be ubiquitous but act locally, we accept it in like manner as many other recalcitrant ideas: the Virgin Birth, the Incarnation, the ex nihilo Creation, etc. There is nothing that is outside the scope of His conception, understanding, or attention. God neither studies nor learns for one cannot increase a knowledge that is already insurmountable.

Neither does probability exist for God; all things either are or are not in His perspective. There is no maybe. There are no potentially infinite realities as the faux-hip coffeehouse philosophers and comic book writers are so fond of speculating. There is one reality and God knows it in its entirety, as it exists by, through, and for Him. God is neither surprised by the way the world works itself out, nor shocked by the choices we make.

Omniscience is the passive end of His providence — the working out of God's predetermined purpose via His sovereignty that is, His mastery over all that is — in that it is the means by which providence can exist, but neither the engine nor the fuel that brings about His action. Something like Adam can be holy, but not righteous if good works do not accompany it.

God is good, but He refers to Himself as righteous because He works the good as well. Christians are called righteous, not because they have any ability to accomplish good works, but because they reside in the good works or righteousness of Christ. Christ's obedience is transferred to us and God grants us eternal life as a result! Unlike all other things that relate to our existence, God does not owe His being to any other thing.

I owe my existence to my mother and father and all my varium of ancestors. My computer owes its existence to Compaq employees and a host of subcontractors.

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And our earth owes its existence to God who through whatever means and processes he saw fit, created the world. All events have causes. All creatures have been created. Except for God. God is the uncaused cause and the uncreated creator. God did not depend upon anything outside Himself for His existence, nor will He ever depend upon anyone for it. There is nothing outside the control of His loving Hand: not the designs of the wicked even the plans of history's most evil dictators , not the way the earth works itself seemingly against the lives of men such as the recent earthquake in Turkey , not the workings of demons or even Satan , and not my own free will.

Romans tells us that all things work together for the good of God's children and verses implies that there is nothing beyond the control of God's sovereign hand. God's sovereignty is a huge source of comfort to the believer, for it helps him to know that no matter how chaotic any situation may seem, he really need not fear for God is still in charge and on the throne and that combined with His love is unassailable.

His ways are so other than our ways that we cannot predict Him, categorize Him, or comprehend Him with any sort of accuracy. All that we truly know of God comes solely through what He has chosen to reveal about Himself to us through His Word. As odd as this might seem, this is really a comfort to the Christian for if God were comparable to us, He would likely have the same problems rectifying the seeming chaos and injustice that is now so rampant on our earth; but thankfully, we know and trust that He will eventually make all things right and pay back every iniquity and reward all righteousness.

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This is the key to finding salvation in Christianity. The monotheistic people that still only believe in God, and not Jesus, and this makes them poor ideologically. But yet, this sermon goes on to bless all the different types of people, especially those who have had a hard life. Jesus is saying to have faith in God as He knows your needs and your troubles, and all will be taken care of in the Kingdom of God.

It is the resurrected Jesus who sends out the disciples with the Word for all the nations to hear.

Even the resurrected Jesus was concerned with saving the world. And that is why He sent out the disciples to all the nations. After the crucifixion and resurrection, the Holy Spirit was sent to the Apostles. This Spirit was always present to remind the disciples that Jesus came to save both the Jews and the Gentiles, and that God wants people from every nation and race to become His children.

All countries, all nationalities have now heard the Word of God. Christianity has become one of the most dominant religions in the world, and the time for the Kingdom of God draws near. After studying the Gospels it becomes apparent that God wants all His children to come home, and so He made obtaining this redemption easily accessible for all people. Every person must individually receive Jesus Christ through faith as Savior and Lord: it is only then that one comes to know God personally and experience His love; a love that through Jesus Christ was extended to all the people of the world.

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Most of these people believe Jesus to be a great moral teacher, but do not accept the divinity of his claim. They do not believe, because they have no faith. This is increasing evident in our modernized technological society.

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Faith has been traded for science. This is even noticeable in our current dating system. For two thousand years, the humankind used B. It was only recently that it was changed to the less secular C.