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Research paper on social concerns. Essay writing service fees. Literature review on challenges in cyber security for business. Ancient greece homework menu. Examples of research essay questions. West bengal tourism essay. Conclusion dissertation philosophie terminale. The link of communication and education is indisputable. Language development is also highly essential for educating others.

Without any form of language, one cannot achieve success in the education. That is why we have started journey towards the development of communication and the written languages. However, now, we have made a list of some more relevant things that can be the topics for your education thesis —. Thus, you may choose any of these topics to write the statements about education. Create an effective thesis statement, based on your chosen topic. However, make sure that your content highly relates various aspects on the educational topic.

Your ability to write an education-related thesis is highly essential not just for the academic purpose. Nowadays, several recruiters ask the application to compose an essay on why education is important. You may think that it is very easy to write on this topic. However, due to the vastness of this topic, you will find it very tough to compose the paper within a limited word limit. That is why the educational institutes are preparing the students for the job world.

While you have learned writing the education-oriented thesis during you academic life, you will easily be able to apply the skill in future. We have already said that your thesis statement can tie together everything, written in your thesis paper. However, it is interesting to see these thesis statements can be of various types. To be a highly skilled thesis writer, you have to know about all those statement types. One of the easiest thesis statements is the informative type. You may have already written the informative essays in your academic life.

Similarly, you have to make your thesis statement highly informative. You need to add valuable information on your chosen education-related topic, and it will increase the knowledge of the readers. For instance, you may have chosen an essay on the regular assignments in the elementary-level schools.

You have to say why the teachers assign homework to the students. The homework helps the students to remain engaged in the world of education. You can discuss on how much homework keeps the students stress-free. Too much may homework can affect the private life of the students. Thus, the teachers have to keep a limit to their homework. To compose the thesis statement for education , you have to write few sentences on this topic. When you have chosen informative thesis statement for your assignment, we have another interesting topic for you.

You can inform the readers how education has evolved since the ancient age. You may also say how the ancient educational system is different from the modern one. You can talk about the education of different forms-. Cave paintings- In the past ages, human beings started painting on different cave walls. These paintings become a source of valuable information in the present age. Hieroglyphics- This is another sophisticated educational form of the ancient age, and very few researchers have been able to decipher it.

Stone carvings- We have heard about Stone Age, and the stone carvings have become the best sources of information to us. Thus, these carvings are the major factors, causing the development of education throughout the past years. You may compose the essay by including the information on these carvings. They are the first educators of the kids to help these little ones in learning various things. Thus, you may find several things to write for your informative thesis statement. This information will make the readers more knowledgeable.

Another type of thesis statement is the persuasive one, and this is slightly tougher than the informative one. You have to learn the persuasive writing technique. You must use the words and writing tone that persuades the readers to rely on what you have said. While writing the persuasive thesis statement, you have a chance of writing about your own opinion on the topic.

Special Education Theses and Dissertations

It is true that the readers may have different views, which go against your arguments. However, you have to win the arguments by presenting the strong evidences. A thorough research is must for composing this type of thesis statement. You have to prove why your arguments are more valuable and genuine. For the persuasive thesis statement, you may pick the technology, related to the world of education. Some of us can go for the modern technologies for education, while others are against this innovation. Thus, you have to find out both pros and cons on the technology in the academic world.

Further research is necessary the authors conclude to help alleviate the problem. It points out the critical shortage of special education teachers that is prevalent in a majority of school districts across the nation. It suggests there are several different reasons for teacher shortages, including lack of educational opportunities for special education teachers, lack of incentives for entering the field, and the difficulty associated with this particular job field. There is some evidence suggesting that teacher attrition rates and lack of new teachers entering the filed have contributed the most to special education problems in the U.

I agree with the authors concern over the special education crisis in the United States. The authors sampled numerous national educational authorities to draw their conclusions. They suggest that…… [Read More]. Special education is presided over by federal law in most educational jurisdictions. According to the Indviduals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA , Special Education is defined as: specifically planned instruction used to meet the distinctive needs of a child with a disability, at no cost to the parents.

This kind of service is in place to provide supplementary services, support, programs, specialized placements or surroundings to make sure that all students' educational needs are met. Special education is given to qualifying students at no cost to the parents. There are a lot of students who have special learning needs and these needs are addressed by way of special education. The array of special education support varies based on need and educational jurisdictions.

At…… [Read More]. Special Education and Gifted and Talented Students. Special Education and Gifted -- Talented Students Over the last several years, the issues surrounding gifted and talented as well as special needs students have been continually brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this, is because a number of different pieces of legislation have been directing educators to improve the various techniques that they are utilizing to reach out to these individuals to include: IDEA along with the Gifted and Talented Students Act of This is just one part of the larger effort to address a host of issues that are affecting these students.

These pieces of legislation are significant, because they are having a major impact on the way educators are reaching out to these individuals when addressing the different needs that they have. As a result, number of themes and trends has begun to develop in effectively dealing with these students.

A few…… [Read More]. By Sharon Lynch and Paula Adams. Due to the need to provide equitable education and knowledge to children with special needs, the idea of Individualized Education Program IEP comes in handy to help make this a reality. It is upon the government's recognition of the needs of the children who have conditions that may not allow them to learn effectively or at the same speed with other children given the standard learning environment that it implemented various measures to ensure that no child is left behind in fulfilling their learning needs. Factually, these kids with learning impediments may not necessarily learn the same level of concept and complexity of ideas, hence the need to have their own individualized system that will impart the necessary skills and knowledge in them.

The attached article articulates…… [Read More]. Special Education in the Science. In the area of planning students ask questions and then make decisions how to search out the answers to those questions. Students use first-hand experience and simple information sources for locating answers to these questions and as well enter a thought process about the results of decisions and learn to make comparisons.

In obtaining and presenting evidence the students learn to follow instructions…… [Read More]. This plan should address the concerns of the parents and must be tailored to suit the specific needs of the concerned child. Developing an IEP involves a collaborative approach from the teachers, parents and students and other special education staff. Team effort is central to the success of the program as only when input from all the members are garnered can a successful plan be charted out. Once the eligibility criterion is established the next step is to put in written form the IEP.

The present level of education performance document is an important source to be drawn from while developing a comprehensive IEP. It includes all information pertaining to the student's strengths, weaknesses and other qualities. Observing the performance reports of the student would provide a good idea of the strengths and weakness of the student in all areas. Special Education Best Practices of. It would not only be time consuming and expensive for each classroom teacher to develop an effective basic reading skills curriculum but such a curriculum is also fraught with a high degree of error.

There is compelling evidence that supports the use of scripted programs rather than teacher-developed approaches to teach complex skills Benner, Second, apply positive behavioral supports to manage the behaviors of students with behavioral difficulties during reading instruction. Coercion theory offers an important rationale for the use of positive behavioral supports to improve responsiveness. Coercion theory asserts that many students with severe behavioral challenges have learned that arguing; escalation, confrontation, aggression, and noncompliance often lead to escape from undesirable tasks such as homework completion or from compliance with repeated requests to behave appropriately,…… [Read More].

This IEP can be reviewed as often as parents or teachers request it, and "must be accessible to all staff responsible for its implementation," which includes general education teachers and other school staff. Meanwhile, if a special education student is having problems in class, for whatever reason, he or she may be brought before the school's "Instructional Study Team," which consists of staff from the school and other professionals who have a grasp of the special education program at that school.

Parents are also brought in to these meetings; also, following the meeting there is a large volume of paperwork for the teacher to address.

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Meanwhile, in some states a special education teacher may have as many as students; but not in Illinois. Special Education Augmenting the Pedagogy. It would appear that the pre-training of parents in dealing with autism augments the hands-on training that the children receive. While there is need for more research, it appears that this relationship has been demonstrated to be significant. Dawson, G. Randomized, controlled trial of an intervention for toddlers with autism: The early start denver model.

Pediatrics, , In the journal Pediatrics, a study was published regarding a controlled trial in order to evaluate the Early Start Denver Model ESDM as a comprehensive developmental behavioral intervention that improves the outcomes of toddlers with autism spectrum disorder ASD. The population studied consisting of 48 children with ASD 18 to 30 months that were randomly put in to 1 of 2 groups. The first of these was an intervention group that was run by trained therapists and parents for 2 two years. The second of these involved…… [Read More]. Special Education Teacher Burnout High.

This is often complemented with anger and job depression. There is also the challenge of extreme mental and physical fatigue. This fatigue does not have an identifiable physiological source. The individual may have a good diet and may sleep well but the awake exhausted and tired. They are not prepared to engage in the task of preparation of class materials or lessons. The mind is tired and it may be difficult to concentrate for even short periods. This is further exacerbated by a lack of motivation and excitement they speak and appear demotivated. These symptoms are usually accompanied by a negative attitude toward the children and the job itself.

This may be in stark contrast to the earlier statements of the individual who may have had very positive feelings and attitudes towards their job and the children under their care. From the list of symptoms it is obvious that such…… [Read More]. Special Education According to the Law as. Special Education According to the law as well as generally accepted principles of humanity, each child who enters the school system in the United States has the right to an effective education. For average and above average children, this is usually not a problem.

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However, there is a wide diversity of children who enter the school system today. In addition to many different cultures and backgrounds, teachers are also challenged by a wide variety of learning needs. Some students, for example, struggle with specific areas of learning such as reading, where such a student then requires specialized assistance to meet the demands and challenges of the school environment. One such student is Eric, a first-grade student who struggles with reading.

He struggles with the sounds of letters and building words from the different sounds. Since this is such a fundamental skill in early education, it was decided that Assistive Technology…… [Read More]. Special Education Programs Abound Throughout. For instance, research over the years has found…… [Read More]. Special Education in the Context of Education.

A guiding principle of this study is that "children placed in special education are general education first," emphasizing that both branches of education share responsibility for students with IEP's. CEP found significant difficulty with compliance, especially that inner city residents need help understanding the laws and that they need better access to advocates. CEP found specific improvements: in Chicago in identification, referral staff training, and ongoing classroom assessment; in Cleveland, with general education teachers accepting their role in teaching these students, with improved access to regular curriculum and classrooms; and in Milwaukee, a more streamlined IEP process and improved collaboration among staff.

However, they also found significant…… [Read More]. Special Education the Role of. An IQ level below 70 signifies a deficiency in adaptive functioning. The possible causes of mental retardation may be attributed to three genetic disorders - down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome and fragile X syndrome. The impaired genetics conditions are believed to be the most common causes of mental retardation. In addition, researchers have identified few other causes that may profoundly heighten the risk for developing mental retardation in a child. Difficulties during or following pregnancy may also result in severe problem in the fetus such as genetic mutation occurring during fetal development or if the mother suffers from rubella during her pregnancy.

In addition, if the baby is not exposed to sufficient oxygen during pre and post-birth phases, it may lead to developmental disability following brain damage. Malnutrition or iodine deficiency may contribute to the development of mental retardation. Institutionalization at a very young age as well as sensory deprivation…… [Read More]. The teachers of tomorrow can become better prepared to better handle the diverse needs of students in a special education setting. The study focuses on a subset of educational professionals: paraprofessionals.

As Creswell points out, research problems can stem from many potential sources of inspiration in which a need or pressing problem has been identified in the real world. Special Education Screening. Abstract Students with disabilities or suspected disabilities are evaluated by schools to determine whether they are eligible for special education services and, if eligible to determine, what services will be provided.

In many states, the results of this evaluation also affect how much funding assistance the school will receive to meet the students. This study provides a brief detail historical background on special education screening. It focuses on the philosophies of leaders in education who have promoted special education services for students. It identifies the Montessori method as significant because it adopts an approach to the screening issue which uniquely views all students as special and deserving of individualized education.

Assessment Type Developed in the early 20th century, the Stanford-Binet is one of the most commonly used formal assessments measuring cognitive functioning. While it is a general assessment test instrument, the Stanford-Binet is commonly used as a means by which to screen children for exceptionalities in specific types of cognitive functioning. Because the Stanford-Binet test measures general cognitive functioning along certain core parameters, it may not be the most reliable means by which to evaluate the potential for specific learning, intellectual, or developmental disabilities.

Nevertheless, the Stanford-Binet is among the most reputable and valid assessment tests of cognitive functioning used in education and psychology. In fact, the Stanford-Binet measures cognitive functioning in various categories including verbal and non-verbal communication, which also allows the instrument…… [Read More].

Article 1 Matthews, N. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 45 1 , 90— Moreover, information related to peer perceptions of students with autism spectrum disorders can help improve therapeutic interventions. Understanding peer perceptions of autism spectrum disorders is also essential for helping colleges and universities create the most effective support services, programs, and systems for transitioning students.

The researchers also aim to assess general student knowledge about autism in relation to…… [Read More]. Kenny, L. Which terms should be used to describe autism? Perspectives from the UK autism community. Autism, 20 4 , — Cultural diversity and additional factors like socioeconomic class can confound approaches to autism in special education programs. One of the most important issues when working in special education generally, and with children with autism specifically, is communication.

Communication includes how to speak about autism, whether or how to label students, and which terms the students and their parents prefer to use. Educators, special education teachers, and school administrators need to be aware of parent and student perceptions of different autism-related terms, and remain sensitive to their needs.

Part One Students with emotional, behavioral, and communication disorders have special needs that instructors can address in the classroom through best practice instructional strategies. Controversies and disagreements over the IDEA definition has led to new nomenclature to refer to students…… [Read More].

This topic is important to me for the reason that these disorders are those that take place over a protracted period of time and hinder children from prospering not only from an educational standpoint but also from a social perspective. Taking this into consideration, I believe that it is imperative to delve into this topic extensively in order to ascertain the suitable special education services to the student and providing education in a special classroom Braxton, Aspects such as visual modification, less cluttering and individual work stations are aspects necessitated by teachers.

Furthermore, when these disorders usually generate issues for the student, they can be addressed and dealt with support, conducting accommodations together with specially designed…… [Read More]. Part I: Best Practices Learning disabilities, or specific learning disabilities, is a fairly well defined category that refers to impairments in functioning, typically related to language, perception, memory, or mathematical processing. Moreover, learning disabilities manifest regardless of access to opportunity and other socioeconomic or environmental factors Learning Disabilities Association of America, Learning disabilities also need to be distinguished from intellectual disabilities.

Therefore, intellectual disabilities are typically concurrent with impaired social functioning and other global factors. Specific learning disabilities, on the other hand, usually manifest in specific ways. Each person will have different types of specific…… [Read More].

Special Education Support

Transition Planning in Special Education. Transition Planning in Special Education Transition planning is one of the most critical components of effective special education policy and program design. Successful transition planning should also include college-level supports that extend special education services. As Hamblet points out, students with disabilities have a much lower rate of college completion rates versus the general population. Transition planning in special education warrants further study to improve outcomes for students with special needs whose successes in high school can and should carry over into higher education.

Self-Determination One of the prevailing themes in the research on transition planning in special education is…… [Read More]. Educators and school administrators have a legal and ethical obligation to create learning environments that serve all students, include those who have been labeled with emotional or developmental disabilities, or with behavioral disorders. I believe that educators frequently become frustrated due to lack of knowledge about best practices in special education, especially when working in a universal classroom.

The entire school benefits from serving children with special needs through effective classroom design, in terms of higher overall achievement scores Carrero, Collins, Lusk, et al. Therefore, I am proposing low-cost, unobtrusive alterations to classroom design that all teachers and schools can implement. The preliminary research I have done to investigate my research question has revealed a fairly large body of research demonstrating what works and how to create an optimized classroom environment for all students.

History of Special Education

Also, I believe that changes to the classroom environment do not need to be costly,…… [Read More]. At-risk preschoolers and students with ADHD The growth and development of children under the school going age is often expected to be normal and almost similar among all children. However, this is often not the reality in the society as some children are predisposed to some factors that curtail their normal growth and development.

This developmental deficiency can be detected as early as 24 months where some children are detected to display a significant lag in cognitive and behavioral development. There are children in various categories that are predisposed to such lag in developmental issues yet they have not achieved the school going age, these are the ones referred to as the at risk preschoolers. There are various factors that have been seen to significantly subject young children to risk. One major factor is the low-income families within which they are born.

Children can however be affected by more than…… [Read More]. Grant for Special Children. Special Education for Exceptional Children Exceptional children have intellectual disabilities thus require special education different from the ordinary facilities and infrastructure of education. The economic implication of educating these kinds of children can be very high save for the fact that they require specially trained teachers and education facilities. The purpose of my project is to fund the poor and average exceptional children who cannot afford to pay for the special education Battistone et al.

Therefore, after the purpose of my project, my non-profit organization will be called Support Special Education Foundation. In the U. This is approximately 7 million students. My organization will serve around half of this population given that there are those who can comfortably afford to pay for their special education. Universal Design for Learning. Part 1 — UDL Background Universal Design for Learning UDL is a concept that refers to a series of principles for curriculum development that are used to give people equal opportunities for learning.

As part of promoting the creation of inclusive classroom instruction, UDL results in the development of a teaching approach that accommodates the abilities and needs of all learners. This teaching approach also helps to remove unnecessary obstacles in the learning process. Since then, it has developed to become an important component in the modern learning environment with respect to creation of inclusive classroom instruction and settings.

Special Education Goetze and Walker. Then students use AlphaSmart software to paste the picture and explain in a paragraph why, how and where in the plot they feel that picture relates to the story. This tests three things: a student concentration; b student level of understanding of the general plot; and - student imagination. This is an important implementation because it opens the students' horizons and allows them to see the general links and relations that their own lives might have with the stories that they read.

The implementation of taking the pictures is one way that this has been successfully achieved. This use of a camera is a very flexible application and is being used in different ways for different special-needs students. May found that cameras are being used to also expand the span of words or vocabulary amongst the special-needs students. The teacher hands out a set of words to the students…… [Read More]. Special Ed Effective Special Education. The IEP takes into account the results of the assessment while developing a plan for the future.

The evaluation results include not only behavioral observations but also socio-cultural background. If the student has a physical disability, the IEP might address the need for specialized technologies or classroom adaptations. On the other hand, if the student has a learning disability, the IEP might include recommendations for lesson adaptation. The IEP is developed in accordance with the principle that the child will thrive in the least restrictive environment LE.

A learning environment must be coordinated to meet the needs of the student. If the mainstream classroom at the child's standard school can provide the LE, then the child will be mainstreamed with some lesson adaptations to suit the child's strengths. However, some students will require special education services in alternative school or classroom settings. Special Education Concepts the Concept. As the civil rights victories of the Civil Rights era develop in ways that help shape the long-term social culture of the nation, cultural diversity considerations are becoming the standard rather than the exemplary exception to the routine as may have been true throughout much of the last decades of the 20th century.

Naturally, the important need of accommodating cultural diversity within special education programs is at least as important as achieving that objective in traditional education programs. That is because the detrimental effect of every additional barrier to learning and social development is magnified in special education.

Likewise, cultural diversity also entails corresponding lingual diversity. In that regard, the importance of mitigating the potential barriers represented by language issues…… [Read More]. Special Education: Collaboration Between Teachers The majority of special education students receive instruction in both general education classes as well as special education support classes.

Most of these students are enrolled in esource Support Programs in which a special education teacher has responsibility for offering learning supports across the general education curriculum. The job of the special education teacher, or esource Specialist, is to ensure that the student's IEP is properly implemented. This requires ongoing communication and collaboration with general education teachers. In most cases a special education student in elementary school and above will have a least two to three different teachers in addition to his or her special education support.

These general education teachers need to be offered guidance and support regarding how to modify curriculum and how to properly implement any behavior plans. The most effective way in which teachers can collaborate is to ensure that they…… [Read More]. Special Ed Case Special Education. This limitation is summarized in the following passage: Sometimes, disagreements about educational benefit are called "Cadillac-Chevrolet" disputes. A Chevrolet , not the best education money can buy a Cadillac. This may or may not be helpful to remind the grandparents of at this point in the process.

It seem entirely likely that they know this and certainly any well-run IEP program would have made this information known to the grandparents at the very beginning of the process but the grandparents may need to be reminded of the legal limits for J. It is significant that one of the most important objections that the grandparents have is that J. Special Education and Students With. Rush, , p. The results are stated to have exceeded initial expectations for "changing the focus in self-contained classrooms from behavior control to academic achievement.

Special Education - Inclusion the. In their study, "Thinking of Inclusion for All Special Needs Students: Better Think Again," asch and his colleagues report that, "The political argument in favor of inclusion is based on the assumption that the civil rights of students, as outlined in the decision handed down in Brown v. Board of Education, which struck down the concept of 'separate but equal,' can also be construed as applying to special education" p. In addition,…… [Read More].

Special Education Case Study During. The teacher was understanding of the student's disability, but knew he could overcome it and was simply being lazy. I gave the teacher a copy of the student's reading level test results and this sparked an idea and a solution that proved most effective.

The teacher mentioned that there were abridged and simplified versions of the books, most of which were at a 4th grade or slightly above reading level. The plan was to use an abridged book for the first novel in order to help the student gain confidence and then allow him to tackle the regular novel for the second book of the year. Additionally, the student would not be made aware of the switch in texts to prevent any additional laziness or excuses from being utilized.

Over the next few weeks I worked with the student using the book. It was a battle getting him to focus…… [Read More]. Special Education What Is Special. These are the students who are suffering from sort of problem; it may be a cognitive disorder, a memory problem, a writing problem, or some sort of physical problem that does not allow him to cope with the burden of the educational system without special help and instruction, or anything else. The proponents of the exit exams also state that unless students are held to certain high standards, it would be impossible to identify or address the various inherent flaws and weaknesses in the entire system of examinations.

Another advantage of the exit exam system, according to them, is that there will be an increase in the motivation levels for both students and teachers to do better and excel at the exam to the best of their abilities. This, again, is valid only for those students who are in the normal stream of education, and not for those students who…… [Read More]. Special Education Curriculum Improvement Ideas. Hence, good ideas need to be brought to the fore so special education teachers can help students progress in a society that is too often indifferent to their needs. King-Sears presents and then rebuts two fallacies vis-a-vis that students with disabilities cannot master content that "…at times seems to be swiftly passing them by" The first fallacy -- students with disabilities can't learn general education curriculum -- can be dismissed because it has been shown through "…group work, monitoring and facilitating group thinking, and recursive opportunities for students" that children with learning disabilities can indeed learn King-Sears, This is true particularly if those disabled students have access to their peers, access to specially designed instructional content, and access to "assessment" strategies showing them what they have learned which gives them direct feedback.

The second fallacy is that teachers are legally required to cover the curriculum as quickly…… [Read More].