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Nostalgia (The Lake At Night)

There is a sense of disappointment towards the end of the essay when White talks about the new irritating noises around the lake. There had always been three tracks to choose from in choosing which track to walk in; now the choice was narrowed down to two.

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White uses the contrast between the sea and lake because the sea represents the fear White feels, where the lake is his simplistic and comforting place his body is yearning for. The closing paragraph is stranger than the others, because it is closing up the dual selves he believes he is experiencing while his time at the lake. The last paragraph closes White's childhood and opens his sons. The central idea of E.

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  8. Even though he may change the world hardly would. Everything stayed as it had before. The tone of this piece is a sort of reminiscent one. Using the past experiences he is able to make the current times more enjoyable.

    Essay on Once More to the Lake

    The only thing that was wrong now, really, was the sound of the place, an unfamiliar nervous sound of the outboard motors. This was the note that jarred, the one thing that would sometimes break the illusion and set the years moving. In those other summertimes, all motors were inboard; and when they were at a little distance, the noise they made was a sedative, an ingredient of summer sleep.

    They were one-cylinder and two-cylinder engines, and some were make-and-break and some were jump-spark, but they all made a sleepy sound across the lake. The one-lungers throbbed and fluttered, and the twin-cylinder ones purred and purred, and that was a quiet sound too. But now the campers all had outboards. In the daytime, in the hot mornings, these motors made a petulant, irritable sound; at night, in the still evening when the afterglow lit the water, they whined about one's ears like mosquitoes.

    It had changed from a peaceful lake to a noisy one. Inside, all was just as it had always been, except there was more Coca Cola and not so much Moxie and root beer and birch beer and sarsaparilla. The partitions in the camp were thin and did not extend clear to the top of the rooms, and as I was always the first up I would dress softly so as not to wake the others, and sneak out into the sweet outdoors and start out in the canoe, keeping close along the shore in the long shadows of the pines.

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    Something that conveys change and sameness is White fishing with his father. As a little boy he fished with his father and now his son as a little boy is fishing with him. It has changed in the aspect of people but stayed the same in location and similar memories. The sea and the lake have differences by the kind of water.

    A Literary Analysis of Once More to the Lake by E. B. White

    In the closing paragraph White sort of wraps up the time he spent with his father and the times he spends with his son, he reminisces for a final time about his childhood. I felt dizzy and didn't know which rod I was at the end of. The mood and tone of the piece are very nostalgic and reminiscent. It gives him an uneasy feeling as he realizes he has one less option than he previously had. This sensation persisted, kept cropping up all the time we were there. The sea brought a feeling of restlessness while the lake brought a certain sense of peacefulness. White makes this contrast in the beginning paragraph because it later shows that, as the years have passed, the lake has become less placid, connecting and conveying the sense of change White feels.

    In the closing paragraph, White sees an even larger sense of sameness between him and his son. The majority of the essay focuses on White and his father, but in the paragraph he really hones in on White and his son. It reinforces the idea that things have changed, but as he describes it now, White seems content with that.

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