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Knowing what is in your fast food might make you think twice the next time you devour it. As the rise of the fast food nation in America has increased to an all-time high, so has the weight and waists of Americans all around the country. Not only has the United States grown to love the acquired taste of greasy golden fries and juicy burgers, it has also grown ignorant to the way their food is prepared.

Dinner time in a household was once special and food was prepared by people who actually cared about what they served. About a generation ago, more than half of the meals consumed were prepared at home. Today, a majority of the meals we eat are prepared by strangers who could care less about our health as long as they receive a paycheck. Our fast paced society no longer values the simple things of the past and the food that we….

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The relation between fast food consumption and obesity can be supported by examining; increasing obesity rates in the United States, how the rising number of fast food restaurants corresponds with obesity, and how marketing by fast food restaurants has driven America to further into the epidemic of obesity. Firstly, there is a proven link between fast food consumption and increasing obesity rates, examining statistics…. Clay also wants to manifest if it is ethical for companies to be advertising to children. This source fits into my research because Clay provides information on how children are affected by companies who are advertising to children.

From reading this article, my perspective has not really evolved. Most of what this article offers is information that I agreed with before….

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There are several ways which food supplying firms affect households. The household can relocate to an area with a different retail environment; the stores in the neighborhood can change their products, and firms can either leave a neighborhood or enter a new one. When location was controlled for, that was only a marginal difference in expenditure and nutrition scores when lower socioeconomic groups were placed in locations with more healthful options. Stores that change their products often do not…. Fast food got its start on Remarkable Route in California, where the McDonald brothers opened their first restaurant in Today, fast food has become very popular because of its great taste and low price.

Fast Foods and School Scenario of food presentation in school areas differ from region to region. Bangaladeshi Fast Foods and Junk Food There are different types of fast foods and junk foods throughout the country. Reduction of Fast Food Consumption Availability of healthy food along with its campaign and surveillance on disease and association with dietary habits improves healthy food intake. Conclusions Taking of fast food is a dietary habit of our present day children. Food and nutrition. Subhan A editor. English for Today,trial ed.


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