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We already controlled the values at 0, 1, and 3. But I later realized it doesn't matter what point we choose.

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What we're really doing is adding one extra degree of freedom and using it to minimize the L2 norm of the derivative What if you chose 1. Donna ebert September 27, at pm on About I appreciate your taking the time to reply. The version of FreeCell I play online does count taking a card from the tableau and the Freecells as a move when adding them to the foundation. I never realized others did not.

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Yes, that's right. In the typical language, a "move" consists of one mouse-click-and-drag action. When there are open freecells, it is possible to move multiple cards using one mouse operation as a shortcut to doing all the card moves individually.

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As an example, if all 4 freecells are open, you Donna September 27, at am on About I see nowhere to submit an email so I am asking my question here. On another site you answered a question about the average number of moves to solve Freecell.

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You gave an in-depth answer about the studies that had been done thank you which was What I cannot comprehend is how anyone can move 52 cards, one at David Lowry-Duda mixedmath September 24, at pm on An intuitive introduction to calculus Thank you. There are two fundamental degrees of Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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Thank you for pointing that out. I've now edited it.

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Search for:. You can download a LaTeX template for the dissertation by clicking here , or here for slightly modified version with an updated.

The process for uploading the dissertation is time consuming. This page is essential and you should review it well in advance of submitting your dissertation.

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